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2114"A history of laughter: Comic culture in early twentieth-century China"2008DissertationRea, Christopher GordonEnglishculture; cultural
504"Gutenberg in Shanghai: Mechanized printing, modern publishing, and their effects on the city, 1876-1937"1996DissertationReed, Christopher AlexanderEnglishculture; economy; industry
2115"Resistance, urban style: The New Fourth Army and Shanghai, 1937--1945"2007DissertationRottmann, AllisonEnglishpolitical; military; economic; war
1980"To the Countryside: Communist Recruitment in Wartime Shanghai" 2007Book chapterRottmann, AllisonEnglishpolitical; war;
509"Une grève en 1928 à Changhai: un détournement d'héritage?"1974Journal articleRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; labor
1970Eiga no naka no Shanhai: hyōshō to shite no toshi josei puropaganda 映画のなかの上海 : 表象としての都市・女性・プロパガンダ2004BookRyū, Bunpei 劉文兵Japanesecultural; social; political
511Grèves et politique à Shanghai. Les désillusions (1927-1932)1995BookRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; labor; social
512Le Shanghai ouvrier des années trente. Coolies, Gangsters et syndicalistes1993BookRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; labor; social
2136Picturing Hong Kong : Photography 1855-19101997BookRoberta Wue, Edwin K. Lai, and Joanna Waley-CohenEnglishvisual; photography; culture
507Port of Last Resort: the Diaspora Communities of Shanghai2002BookRistaino, Marcia R.Englishsocial; foreigners; political; war
2297Reexamining the abolitionist movement against prostitution in Shanghai after 19492010Journal articleRuan, QinghuaEnglishsocial; women; prostitution
1984Xiandai shanghai dashiji 現代上海大事記1996BookRen, Jianshu 任建树Chinesepolitical; social; culture
513« Ecrire l'histoire de Shanghai: un chantier qui s'ouvre » [Writing the history of Shanghai: a new project]1993Journal articleRoux, AlainFrenchsocial
514« Le Guomindang et les Ouvriers de Shanghai (1938-1948): La dechirure » [The Guomindang and the Shanghai workers, 1938-48: the rupture]1996Journal articleRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; labor; war
510«Ouvriers et ouvrières de Shanghai à l'époque du Guomindang, 1927-1949»1991DissertationRoux, AlainFrenchpolitical; social; labor
506“Chinese Area Studies in Prewar China: Japan's Toa Dobun Shoin in Shanghai, 1900-1945”1986Journal articleReynolds, Douglas R.Englishculture; education; foreigners
503“Sooty Sons of Vulcan: Shanghai's Printing Machine Manufacturers, 1895-1932”1995Journal articleReed, Christopher A.Englishculture; economy; industry
505“The power of mercy: the Chinese Red Cross Society, 1900-1937”1998DissertationReeves, Caroline BethEnglishsocial; war
515“The Qingbang and Collaboration Under the Japanese, 1939-1945”1982Journal articleRowe, William T.Englishpolitical; social; war
502“The Shanghai Postal Workers' Union: Sample of A Yellow Union”1993Journal articleRao, Jingying; Zhu, Hong, transl.Englishpolitical; labor
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