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2290"Middlemen in the Chinese Welfare State: The Role of Philanthropists in Refugee Relief in Wartime Shanghai"2011Journal articleDillon, NaraUnknownsocial; economic; political
2260"Shilun 1920-1930 niandai shanghai tonggong wenti" 试论1920 、1930 年代上海童工问题 (On Child Labor in Shanghai 1920s~1930s)2008Journal articleDing, Yonghua 丁 勇 华,  Lü, Jiahang 吕 佳 航Chinesesocial; economic; child
3013"Waiguo zhu hu lingshi yu 'dongnan hubao'. Ce zhong ying, ri, mei san guo"  外國駐滬領事與東南互保、-- 側重英, 日, 美三國  (Foreign consuls in Shanghai and 'Sout-East Mutual Protection'. With a focus on the United Kingdom, Japan, and the USA)2011Journal articleDai, Haixin 戴海斌Chineseforeigner; political; diplomatic
3077"Wan qing Shanghai zujie de dijia biaoxian" 晚清上海的地價表現 (Land prices in Shanghai at the end of the Qing dynasty)2012Journal articleDu, Xuncheng 杜恂城Chineseeconomic; land; foreigner; settlement
2261"Zhan hou shanghai riqiao qianfan wenti" 战后上海日侨遣返问题2008Journal articleDing, Yonghua 丁 勇 华,  Lü, Jiahang 吕 佳 航Chinesesocial; political; foreigner
2096Building Shanghai: the Story of China’s Gateway2006BookDenison, EdwardEnglishspace; urban; architecture
2173Huangpujiang shiqu anxian liyong tezheng ji gongneng tisheng yanjiu 黃浦江市區岸線利用特徵及功能提升研究 (A study of the utilization characteristics and functional upgrade of the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai urban districts)2006DissertationDeng, Lili 鄧立麗Chineseurban; space; economic; pdf
149La Commercial Press de Shanghai, 1897-1949,1978BookDrège, Jean-PierreFrenchculture; economy; press; media;
147“Building Shanghai, One Page at a Time: The Aesthetics of Installment Fiction at The Turn of the Century”,2003Journal articleDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; culture;
152“Cong 1883 nian shanghai jinrong fengchao kan zhongguo zichan jieji di chansheng” (The birth of China's bourgeoisie viewed in relation to the Shanghai financial disturbance of 1883)1987Journal articleDu, XunchengChinesepolitical; elites
144“Jindai shanghai yu sunan zhebei nongcun jingji bianqian” [Shanghai and rural economic changes in southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang in the modern period],1997Journal articleDai, AngangChineseeconomy; space;
145“Jindai shanghai yu zhouwei nongcun” [Modern Shanghai and its suburban rural areas],1994Journal articleDai, AngangChineseeconomy; space;
148“Shanghai capitalists before the 1911 revolution”1985Journal articleDing, Richu (Ch'en, Jerome, transl.)Englishpolitical;
146“Street talk and alley stories: Tangled narratives of Shanghai from 'Lives of Shanghai Flowers' (1892) to 'Midnight' (1933) ”,1998DissertationDes Forges, Alexander TownsendEnglishliterature; entertainment; culture; city;
151“The Role of the YMCA in the Development of the Chinese Women's Movement, 1890-1927”, 1979Journal articleDrucker, AlisonEnglishwomen; social; religion;
150“The Russian Club in Shanghai: Past and Present”,2001Journal articleDrozdov, Mikhail; Chernikova, LarissaEnglishforeigners; social;
153“The Zikawei Collection in the Jesuit Theologate Library at Fujen University (Taiwan): Background and Draft Catalogue”,1996Journal articleDudink, AdrianEnglishlibrary; books; documentation;
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