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1671"Market Towns and Waterways: The County of Shanghai-hai from 1840 to 1910"1977Book chapterElvin, MarkEnglishregion; space
160"Patronage and Production in the Nineteenth-Century Shanghai Region: Ren Xiong (1823-1857) and His Sponsors." 1997DissertationErickson, Britta LeeEnglisheconomy; elites;
154"The Administration of Shanghai, 1905-1914"1974Book chapterElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; power; state; Bund
155"The Gentry Democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914"1969Book chapterElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; power; state; Bund
156"The Gentry Democracy in Shanghai, 1905-1914",1967DissertationElvin, MarkEnglishcity; urban; political; power; state; elites; Wall; Bund
158'Lament Everlasting': Wang Anyi's discourse on the 'ill-fated beauty,' Republican popular culture, the Shanghai Xiaojie, and Zhang Ailing”, 2004DissertationEmma May, EustaceEnglishculture; literature;
898Gakujin no miyako, Shanhai : kindai Chūgoku ni okeru seiyō ongaku no juyō / 楽人の都・上海: 近代中国における西洋音楽の受容1998BookEnomoto, Yasuko 榎本泰子Japaneseculture; foreigners
2281The ‘feminization of famine’, the feminization of nationalism: famine and social activism in treaty-port Shanghai, 1876-92005Journal articleEdgerton-Tarpley, KathrynEnglishwoman; gender; social; political
159“Chinese Entrepreneurs, the Government, and the Foreign Sector: The Canton and Shanghai Silk-Reeling Enterprises, 1861-1932”. 1984Journal articleEng, Robert Y.Englisheconomy; industry;
157“The Revolution of 1911 in Shanghai”,1984Journal articleElvin, MarkEnglishpolitical; elites; revolution;
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