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Full referenceWang, Guobin (ed.), The 140th Anniversary of Nanjing Road West 1862-2002 (2002)
Author(s)Wang, Guobin (ed.)
TitleThe 140th Anniversary of Nanjing Road West 1862-2002
Place of publicationShanghai
PublisherShanghai shehui kexueyuan chubanshe
Keywordsphotographs; visual
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Jing'an Temple in the 19 th century

Bubbling Well in front of Jing'an Temple

Passers-by are looking down into "Bubbling Well"

Zhang Garden (Arcadia Hall) - 張園

Tea house on the terrace of Arcadia Hall

Carriages at the exit of Zhang Garden (張園)

Elie Kadoorie's mansion

Guo's Residence

Denis Apartments

Park Hotel, foreign Y.M.C.A. and China United Apartments

Yates Apartment

A Ya Chong & Co. Tailor Shop

Wong Zung Chong Tailor & Outfitter Shop (王順昌洋服號)

Paramount Dancing Hall

Grand Dancing Hall in Paramount

Glass Ball Room in Paramount

Lobby in the Paramount

Bar in Paramount

Shanghai Center

Shanghai Kerry Center

Zhongxin Plaza

Universal Mansion

Wenxin Newspaper Tower

Broadcasting and Television Tower

Shanghai JC Mandarin

Welcome Terrace

Jinang'an-Maoming Apartment

Join Buy Home Decoration Shopping Center

China Merchants Plaza

China Enterprise Mansion

Plaza 66
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