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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
368S.S.SomkehUndefined2 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
450Yafa CourtUndefined253/255 ROUTE MONSEIGNEUR MARESCA
479Ball Game Playground球場Undefined72 ROUTE PAUL LEGENDRE
1008Grand DanoisUndefined990/992 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
114Public Toilets厠所Transportation features84 ROUTE CONTY
134Public Toilets厠所Transportation features531 RUE BRENIER DE MONTMORAND
221Bus Carpark公共汽車停車處Transportation featuresROUTE CONTY / AVENUE DUBAIL
345Public Toilets厠所Transportation features941 AVENUE JOFFRE
510Garden Bridge外白渡橋Transportation featuresGARDEN BRIDGE
578Public Parking公共停車場Transportation features?? HONAN ROAD
1245Zhengjia Muqiao Zhengjia Bridge鄭家木橋Transportation featuresAVENUE EDWARD VII / RUE TOURANE
1279Tiantong'an Train Station天通庵站Transportation features?? TIANTONG'AN
1293China Merchants Central Warehouse Wharf招商局中棧碼頭Transportation features?? TAIPING
1295Shuntai Wharf順泰碼頭Transportation features378 EAST BROADWAY ROAD
1317Wayside Wharf匯山碼頭Transportation features100 YANGTSZEPOO ROAD
1318Osaka Shipping Wharf大阪商船碼頭Transportation features110 YANGTSZEPOO ROAD
1319South Manchurian Railway Company Wharf滿鉄黃浦碼頭Transportation features396 YANGTSZEPOO ROAD
1321Huashun Wharf華順碼頭Transportation features?? KUNGPING ROAD
1322China Merchants North Warehouse Wharf招商局北棧碼頭Transportation features?? CHAOFOONG ROAD
1323Gonghexiang Wharf公和祥碼頭Transportation features690 EAST BROADWAY ROAD
1333Shanghai Gas Company英商自來火房Transportation features?? YUYACHING ROAD
1336Old Garbage Bridge老垃圾橋Transportation featuresLAOLAJI -QIAO (SUZHOU HE)-
1346Shanghai North Station上海北站Transportation featuresBOUNDARY ROAD
1365Laozha Bridge老閘橋Transportation featuresFOKIEN -BRIDGE (SUZHOU HE)-
1366Pengtanglong Bridge盆湯弄橋Transportation featuresSHANSE -BRIDGE (SUZHOU HE)-
1368Railway Bridge铁路桥Transportation featuresHONAN -BRIDGE (SUZHOU HE)-
1369Wusong-Shanghai Train Station吳淞鐵路上海車站Transportation features?? NORTH HONAN ROAD
1406Caojiadu Bridge曹家渡橋Transportation featuresCAOYANG -QIAO (WUSONG JIANG)-
1423Fanwangdu Station梵王渡站Transportation features?? KAIXUAN LU
1462South Railway Station南火車站Transportation features?? CHEZHAN LU
1540Airport機場Transportation features
1541New Longhua Train Station新龍華站Transportation features
1695JettyTransportation features
1696JettyTransportation features
1697JettyTransportation features
1721Japanese Commercial School for Girls日本女子商業學校Transportation features289 OUYANG
83Muslim Cemetery回教徒公墓Site of memory380 RUE OU SONG KIANG
91Pahsienjao Cemetery (Baxianqiao)外國坟山Site of memory156 ROUTE VOUILLEMONT
220Lokawei Cemetery外國坟山Site of memory476 RUE CHAPSAL
323Muslim Cemetery清真公瑩Site of memory597 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
325French Cemetery法国坟山Site of memory646 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
419Shanghai Funeral Parlor上海殯儀館Site of memory838 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
493Muslim Cemetery清真公塋Site of memory597 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
582Shantung Road Cemetery外国坟山Site of memory287 SHANTUNG ROAD
1096Bubbling Well Road Cemetery靜安寺路外國公墓Site of memory1649 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1099Cemetery公墓Site of memory121 HART ROAD
1124Wanguo Funeral Parlor萬國殯儀館Site of memory207 KIAOCHOW ROAD
1176Zhonghua Funeral Parlor中華殯儀館Site of memory2-A SINGAPORE ROAD
1183SMC Temporary Mortuary工部局臨時驗葬所Site of memory?? YENPING ROAD
1200Zhongyang Funeral Parlor中央殯儀館Site of memory34 MAPAI ROAD
1273Japanese Cemetery日本人墓地Site of memory
1274Baoxing Coffin Repository寳興殯儀舘Site of memory?? XIBAOXING LU
1340Tongren Fuyuantang Cemetery同仁輔元堂義塚Site of memory?? KANSUH ROAD
1379Cantonese Cemetery廣東墓地Site of memory547 TIANMU (XI)
1392Japanese Cemetery日本人墓地Site of memory?? CARTER ROAD
1398Pushan Cemetery普善山莊Site of memory186 PUSHAN
1439Gongping Funeral Parlor公平殯儀館Site of memory830 KESWICK ROAD
1449Huizhongtang Cemetery惠中堂公幕Site of memory29 HSIAZI
1450Xieqiao Coffin Repository斜橋殯儀舘Site of memory94 CHIHTSAO ROAD
1471Ningmu Garden寧墓園Site of memory251 HSIATU ROAD
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