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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
4Customs Examination ShedAdministrative facility24 QUAI DE FRANCE
5China Navigation CompanyCommercial establishment23 QUAI DE FRANCE
7International Saving SocietyCommercial establishment7 EDWARD VII
11Messageries Maritimes - French Maritime CompanyCommercial establishment9 QUAI DE FRANCE
28Dah Woo HotelCommercial establishment345 EDWARD VII ROAD
67Residential ComplexResidential site69 RUE MARCO POLO
131Shanghai Association of Pork MerchantsCommunity facility311 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
132French Association of Assistance to Russian Families (Oeuvres Françaises d'assistance aux Familles Russes)Community facility361 RUE CHAPSAL
136Municipal Prophylactic InstituteAdministrative facility360 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
137Municipal Bureau of Health (Service Sanitaire) - DispensaryAdministrative facility630 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
149Sanshengdian TempleReligious facility?? ROUTE LAFAYETTE
164Franciscan ProcurationReligious facility141 AVENUE DUBAIL
187Collège Municipal Français (French Municipal Junior High School )Educational facility11 ROUTE VALLON
191Advanced School (école Complémentaire)56-1 ROUTE VOYRON
212French Company of Tramways and Electricity (Compagnie Française de Tramways et D'éclairage Electriques de Shanghai) - OfficesIndustrial site249 AVENUE DUBAIL
217Park ApartmentsResidential site455 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
218Dubail ApartmentsResidential site181 AVENUE DUBAIL
219Residential ComplexResidential site?? AVENUE DUBAIL
243Ecole Franco-Annamite (Franco-Annamite School)Educational facility275 RUE MASSENET
249Institut PasteurInstitutional site207 ROUTE PERE ROBERT
282Chance ApartmentsResidential site368/372 ROUTE BOURGEAT
290Dachay MarstorsResidential site265 ROUTE BOURGEAT
291Grosvenor HouseResidential site219 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
294Residential ComplexResidential site273 ROUTE BOURGEAT
297Radio Technical Corporation - AmericaEducational facility359 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
300Astrid ApartmentsResidential site250 ROUTE VALLON
302Mitsui ResidenceResidential site114 ROUTE PERE ROBERT
306Cercle de La Police (French Police Club)Recreational facility47/49 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
309Sports FieldRecreational facility95 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
312Basket Ball PlaygroundRecreational facility172 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
584Lihe YanghangCommercial establishment210 KIUKIANG ROAD
585Shanghai Power OfficesIndustrial site195 NANKING ROAD
587Shanghai Commercial and Saving BankCommercial establishment368 KIANGSE ROAD
589Japanese Trading CompanyCommercial establishment166 NANKING ROAD
592Shanghai Water WorksIndustrial site466 KIANGSE ROAD
596Shanghai Water WorksIndustrial site484 KIANGSE ROAD
597Gallia BuildingResidential site660 SZECHUEN ROAD
598Alcar BuildingResidential site60 HONGKONG ROAD
340Basket Ball PlaygroundRecreational facility412 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
343French China Field Second Battalion (2ème Bataillon de Marche de Chine)Military facility412 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
346Woo Chang Sanatorium and HospitalInstitutional site331 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
348Residential ComplexResidential site341/371 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
353Weida HotelCommercial establishment993 AVENUE JOFFRE
354Eden HospitalInstitutional site200 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
356Hongqiao (Hung Jao) SanatoriumInstitutional site988 AVENUE JOFFRE
359Kelmsott GardenRecreational facility188 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
360Collège Sainte Jeanne D'Arc (Saint Joan of Arc Junior High School)Educational facility18 ROUTE DOUMER
363Hanray MansionsResidential site1160 AVENUE JOFFRE
368S.S.SomkehUndefined2 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
369Residential ComplexResidential site877 AVENUE FOCH
377Residential ComplexResidential site698 ROUTE BOURGEAT
378Residential ComplexResidential site741 ROUTE RATARD
382Residential ComplexResidential site210 ROUTE AMIRAL COURBET
385Russian ClubRecreational facility1053 AVENUE FOCH
390Residential ComplexResidential site4/44 ROUTE DE GROUCHY
391Gascogne ApartmentsResidential site1202 AVENUE JOFFRE
392Gresham ApartmentsResidential site1228 AVENUE JOFFRE
393Little Floks Garden SchoolEducational facility675 ROUTE BOURGEAT
396Savoy ApartmentsResidential site163 ROUTE DE GROUCHY
407Adeodata HallRecreational facility1209 AVENUE JOFFRE
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