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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
11Messageries Maritimes - French Maritime CompanyCommercial establishment9 QUAI DE FRANCE
16Mercury Evening News大美晩報館Information & communication19 EDWARD VII ROAD
20Mallet Police Station公董局巡捕房Administrative facility151 EDWARD VII
22Minde Primary School民徳小學Educational facility149 RUE TOURANE
50Municipal Slaughterhouse市立屠宰場Industrial site296 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
62Minguang Primary School民光小學Educational facility127-8 RUE SOEUR ALLEGRE
66Market (Baxian Bridge)八仙橋小菜場Commercial establishmentMEUGNIOT / POLO
83Muslim Cemetery回教徒公墓Site of memory380 RUE OU SONG KIANG
87Minsheng Primary School for Girls民生女子小學Educational facility?? RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
105Mingde Shantang明徳善堂Community facility32-1 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
109Market (Caishi Road)菜市路小菜場Commercial establishment200 RUE DU MARCHE
122Minle Theater民樂戯園Recreational facility84 ROUTE PERE DUGOUT
136Municipal Prophylactic InstituteAdministrative facility360 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
137Municipal Bureau of Health (Service Sanitaire) - DispensaryAdministrative facility630 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
156Mingda Primary School明達小學Educational facility175 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
174Minzhi Primary and Junior High School民治中小學Educational facility39 ROUTE BOURGEAT
175Minzhi Professional School of Journal民治新聞専修學校Educational facility39 ROUTE BOURGEAT
257Midwives School助産職業學校Educational facility17 RUE CORNEILLE
268Mingde Junior High School for Girls明徳女子中學Educational facility688 AVENUE JOFFRE
302Mitsui ResidenceResidential site114 ROUTE PERE ROBERT
323Muslim Cemetery清真公瑩Site of memory597 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
493Muslim Cemetery清真公塋Site of memory597 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
505Museum BuildingInstitutional site88 MUSEUM ROAD
509Museum of the Royal Asiatic Society亞州文會Institutional site20 MUSEUM ROAD
517Moutrie & CompanyCommercial establishment60 NANKING ROAD
520Maritime Customs海關Administrative facility13 BUND ROAD
523Metropole HotelCommercial establishment180 KIANGSE ROAD
532Mataichi CompanyCommercial establishment223 SZECHUEN ROAD
540Mitsui Bank三菱銀行Commercial establishment36 KIUKIANG ROAD
541Mitsubishi Bank三井銀行Commercial establishment50 KIUKIANG ROAD
543Mitsui Company三井株式會社Commercial establishment100 FOOCHOW ROAD
551Mercantile Bank of India, London and China有利銀行Commercial establishment4 BUND ROAD
606Minsheng Primary and Junior High School民生中小學Educational facility424 PEKING ROAD
671Metropole Theater大上海戯院Recreational facility500 YUYACHING ROAD
679Moore's Memorial ChurchReligious facility316 YUYACHING ROAD
772Manjiang Primary School漫江小學Educational facility146-19 NORTH CHEKIANG ROAD
832Minguo Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School民國小學、中學、幼稚園Educational facility289-4 WEIHAIWEI ROAD
934Mingxing Theater明星大戯院Recreational facility309 PARK ROAD
990Minzhi Kindergarten民智幼稚園Educational facility598 WEIHAIWEI ROAD
996Minzhi Junior High School民智初級中學Educational facility603 WEIHAIWEI ROAD
1022Market (Seymour Road)西摩路小菜場Commercial establishment280 SEYMOUR ROAD
1057Military Camp兵營Military facility1067-9 HART ROAD
1064Military Camp兵營Military facility225/295 FERRY ROAD
1101Minli Primary School民立小學Educational facility1587-19 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1116Minguang Junior High School民光中學Educational facility2 KIAOCHOW ROAD
1236Messageries MaritimesCommercial establishment9 QUAI DE FRANCE
1254Mosque福佑路清真寺Religious facility378 FUYOU ROAD
1261Money Guild (Shanxi Bankers' Guild)北市錢業會館Community facility730 BOONE ROAD
1307Medhurst CollegeEducational facility690 CHAOFOONG
1410Mi'e'er Primary School彌額爾小學Educational facility114 JESSFIELD ROAD
1447Margaret Williamson Hospital西門婦孺醫院Institutional site419 FONGZIA ROAD
1511Mixed Court (French)法租界会审公廨Industrial site18 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
1517Muslim Cemetery回教公墓Site of memory?? ZIATU ROAD
1520Medical Institute of Shanghai (Institut Médical de Shanghai)Educational facility138 I-HSUENYUEN LU
1547Museum of Natural History自然歷史博物館Institutional site240 CAOXI BEILU
1555Movie Company電影公司Commercial establishment?? SAN? (8065)
1568Meihua Apartments美華村Residential site?? CHUNGSAN ROAD
1640Mengjiang Temple猛将廟Religious facility407 WOOSUNG
1674Matsuzakaya Department Store松坂屋Commercial establishment12 NORTH SZECHUEN ROAD
1704Mosque清真寺Religious facilityPUDONG
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