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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
496Orphanage孤兒院Institutional site
561Shenda Pharmacy申達大樓Commercial establishment
683Yicheng Primary School義成小學Educational facility
917Pujing Temple普静堂Religious facility
970Primary School小學校Educational facility
1622Yamazaki Hotel (Japanese)山崎オテルCommercial establishment
1650China Inland Mission內地會Religious facility
1051American Army Camp Residences美國兵營住宅Military facility
1177Kiaochow Park (Jiaozhou Park)膠州公園Recreational facility
1273Japanese Cemetery日本人墓地Site of memory
1463Sanshan Guild三山會館Community facility
1540Airport機場Transportation features
1541New Longhua Train Station新龍華站Transportation features
1545School (Etablissement d'�ducation des Enfants)學校Educational facility
1695JettyTransportation features
1696JettyTransportation features
1697JettyTransportation features
1713Jiangwan Race Course江灣跑馬場Recreational facility
1718Cihang Xianguan慈航仙 ?Religious facility
29Great World大世界Recreational facility1 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
789Huanghou Theater皇后劇院Recreational facility1 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
559Asiatic Petroleum CompanyCommercial establishment1 BUND ROAD
1493Shanghai Hospital上海醫院Institutional site1 DUOJIA
1609Gongdao Bookstore公道書店Commercial establishment1 HASKELL ROAD
1285General Headquarter of the Japanese Army日本陸戰隊本部Military facility1 JIANGWAN
37Shanghai Sanatorium Hospital上海療肺静養院Institutional site1 ROUTE DE NINGPO
166Shanghai Nanyang Hospital上海南洋醫院Institutional site1 RUE CHAPSAL
72Crystal Theater黄金大戯院Recreational facility1 RUE KRAETZER
10Bank銀行Commercial establishment1 RUE MONTAUBAN
1626Shanghai Mainichi上海每日新聞Information & communication1 THORNE ROAD
644Jinlong Sidawang Temple金龍四大王廟Religious facility1/9 AMOY ROAD
1624General Headquarters of the Japanese Army陸戰隊租界部隊本部Military facility10 HANNEN ROAD
638Huangdaxian Temple黄大仙祠Religious facility10 KOOKA LUNG
1211Textile Company紡織廠Industrial site10 MACAO ROAD
1373Tongyi Silk Factory統益紗廠Industrial site10 MACAO ROAD
453Shanghai American School美國學堂Educational facility10 ROUTE LOUIS DUFOUR
434Yueqin Tuoxuetang樂勤脱學堂Religious facility10 ROUTE POTTIER
245FMC - Bureau of Public Works - Workshop法工部局工程處Administrative facility10 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
810Guandi Temple關帝廟Religious facility10 TAMSUI ROAD
543Mitsui Company三井株式會社Commercial establishment100 FOOCHOW ROAD
513Gibb, Livingston & Company仁記洋行Commercial establishment100 JINKEE ROAD
278Public Bath西泉池浴室Commercial establishment100 ROUTE J. PRENTICE
607Hengli Bank恒利銀行Commercial establishment100 TIENTSIN ROAD
1317Wayside Wharf匯山碼頭Transportation features100 YANGTSZEPOO ROAD
440Consulate General of Russia (Soviet Union)蘇俄駐華總領事館Diplomatic representation100-10 ROUTE DE SAY-ZOONG
865Dazhong Hospital大中醫院Institutional site100-12 BURKILL ROAD
1206Shanghai Workers Hospital上海労工醫院Institutional site1000 FERRY ROAD
1429Jingzhao Villa京兆別墅Residential site1000 YUYUAN ROAD
1432Litian Textile Mill Dormitories豊田紡織廠職員宿舍Residential site1000 YUYUAN ROAD
799Hospital醫院Institutional site1002 EDWARD VII ROAD
768Chengji Primary School私立成基小學Educational facility1007-4 BOONE ROAD
835Huguo Buddhist Temple護國禅寺Religious facility101 MANDALAY ROAD
288Lyceum Theater蘭心大戯院Recreational facility101 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
1042Refugee Camp難民營Institutional site1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1043Hospital for Refugees新聞難民醫院Institutional site1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1044Qingliang Chansi清涼禪寺Religious facility1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1390Xinjia Garden辛家花園Religious facility1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1391Qingliang Chansi清涼禪寺Religious facility1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1603Thomas Hanbury School for BoysEducational facility102 HASKELL ROAD
1314Studley ParkRecreational facility102 WAYSIDE ROAD
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