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Building ID510
English nameGarden Bridge
Chinese Name外白渡橋
Date Construction1907
Main TypeTransportation features
Sub TypeRoadway
Sub Type (L3)Bridge
Pos X355777.0251
Pos Y3457797.9053
Images from this Building (30 results)

The Garden Bridge, Shanghai

Garden Bridge, Shanghai, 1920s

Fireman at the Garden Bridge, Shanghai

Soochow Creek and Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge and Broadway Mansions

Garden bridge, Broadway Mansions and Russian Consulate

View of the Wills Bridge [Garden Bridge]

Crossing Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge

Streetcar on Garden Bridge

Wills Bridge [Garden Bridge]

Garden Bridge under construction

Tramways on Garden Bridge

Wills Bridge [Garden Bridge] - 外白渡橋

Boats, Wills' Bridge [Garden Bridge] and Soochow Creek

British troops guarding the Garden Bridge

View of the Garden Bridge and Bund (from Broadway Mansions)

The Garden Bridge from the Bund

Garden Bridge and Soochow Creek

British soldiers on guard at the Garden Bridge

Astor Hotel and Garden Bridge

View of the Garden Bridge

View of Garden Bridge from Soochow Road

Aerial view of Soochow Creek, Garden Bridge, and the Bund

Wills Bridge [Garden Bridge] 外白渡橋

Aerial view of Soochow Creek near the Huangpu River - 鳥瞰蘇州河及黃浦江

A view of the Bund from Garden Bridge - 外灘

A view of the Bund from Garden Bridge - 外灘

Garden Bridge and Suzhou Creek, Shanghai

Astor House Hotel, Garden Bridge and Soochow Creek, Shanghai
509/1803 results        
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