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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
99Omon Theater亞蒙大戯院Recreational facility259 RUE EUGENE BARD
261Orthodox Eastern Church (Saint Nicholas Church)教堂Religious facility18 RUE CORNEILLE
357Orthodox Church天主救堂Religious facility55 ROUTE PAUL HENRY
496Orphanage孤兒院Institutional site
604Office of the Postal Service Administration郵政局Administrative facility148 PEKING ROAD
731Ophtalmology Clinic黄色一山眼科Institutional site720 HAINING ROAD
817Ophtalmology Clinic眼科醫院Institutional site1290 EDWARD VII ROAD
1161Old HousesResidential site?? SEYMOUR ROAD
1284Orthodox Church主顯堂Religious facility874 BAOSHAN ROAD
1294Old Dock (Shipyard)耶松船廠Industrial site378 EAST BROADWAY ROAD
1318Osaka Shipping Wharf大阪商船碼頭Transportation features110 YANGTSZEPOO ROAD
1336Old Garbage Bridge老垃圾橋Transportation featuresLAOLAJI -QIAO (SUZHOU HE)-
1357Oriental Library東方圖書館Institutional site584 BAOSHAN ROAD
1475Office of Local Gazeteer of Shanghai上海市通志舘Administrative facility291 RUE CHAPSAL
1536Orphenage孤兒院Community facility?? LONGHUA LU
1607Odeon Theater奧迪安戲院Recreational facilityJUKIANG ROAD / NORTH SZECHUEN ROAD
1608Osaka Asahi Shanghai Branch大阪朝日Information & communicationHASKELL ROAD
1630Osaka Mainichi - Tokyo Nichinichi大阪每日 東京日日Information & communication190 HAINING ROAD
1636Office of the Japanese Marine日本海軍武官府Military facility203 WUTSIN
1728Ohel Rachel SynagogueReligious facility520 SEYMOUR ROAD
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