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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
29Great World大世界Recreational facility1 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
30Gongwutai Cinema榮記共舞臺Recreational facility433-B AVENUE EDWARD VII
63Guo'en Buddhist Temple國恩禅寺Religious facility239 ROUTE VOUILLEMONT
229Guangxue Primary School光學漢校Educational facility226-17 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
258Guangdong Guild廣東旅滬同鄉會Community facility32 RUE MOLIERE
260Girl Junior High School女子中學Educational facility612 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
262Guanghua Ophtalmology Clinic光華眼科醫院Institutional site156/158 ROUTE VALLON
264Girl Primary and Junior High School中小學校Educational facility634 AVENUE JOFFRE
286Golden Gate Theater金門大戯院Recreational facility745 AVENUE FOCH
291Grosvenor HouseResidential site219 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
374Gubo Primary School古柏小學Educational facility197 ROUTE AMIRAL COURBET
388Geluo Hospital格羅療養院Institutional site64 ROUTE DE GROUCHY
391Gascogne ApartmentsResidential site1202 AVENUE JOFFRE
392Gresham ApartmentsResidential site1228 AVENUE JOFFRE
394Gaolang Hospital高朗醫院Institutional site175 ROUTE MAYEN
472Georgia Apartments集雅公寓Residential site311/331 AVENUE PETAIN
475Girl Junior High School女子中學Educational facility?? AVENUE JOFFRE
489Good Shepherd Convent Home of Refuge善牧會球濟院Educational facility910 AVENUE PETAIN
510Garden Bridge外白渡橋Transportation featuresGARDEN BRIDGE
513Gibb, Livingston & Company仁記洋行Commercial establishment100 JINKEE ROAD
525General Bank of ChinaCommercial establishment50 HANKOW ROAD
544German Post Office德國郵局Administrative facility70 FOOCHOW ROAD
545Great Northern Cable Office大北電報局Information & communication34 EDWARD VII ROAD
554General Electric Company of ChinaCommercial establishment49 SZECHUEN ROAD
597Gallia BuildingResidential site660 SZECHUEN ROAD
652Gas TowerIndustrial site656 YUYACHING ROAD
653Gas TowerIndustrial site706 YUYACHING ROAD
655Gas Works CompanyIndustrial site706 YUYACHING ROAD
658Gengxin Dancing Hall更新舞臺Recreational facility704 NEWCHWANG ROAD
666Great Eastern DispensaryCommercial establishment851 PEKING ROAD
706Great China Hotel大中華飯店Commercial establishment200 YUYACHING ROAD
743Gaoming Temple高明寺Religious facility312-4 TSEPOO ROAD
778Guangshi Primary School No. 2光實第二小學Educational facility215-30 NORTH CHEKIANG ROAD
792Guangfu Hospital光復醫院Institutional site63-5 YUYACHING ROAD
810Guandi Temple關帝廟Religious facility10 TAMSUI ROAD
820Guanghua Theater光華大戯院Recreational facility1440 EDWARD VII
825Guangjiao Temple广教禅寺Religious facility67 CHENGTU ROAD
841Garden花園Recreational facility327 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
849Garden花園Recreational facilityCHINHAI ROAD / WEIHAIWEI ROAD
860Guotai Dancing Hall國泰舞廰Recreational facility451 YUYACHING ROAD
876Grand Theater大光明影戯院Recreational facility216 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
896Guangrentang廣仁堂Community facility586-3 CHENGTU ROAD
956Gugongyang'an - Taipingsi Temple古供養菴 - 太平寺Religious facility863/865 CHENGTU ROAD
991Guangming Primary School and Kindergarten光明小學、幼稚園Educational facility550-72 WEIHAIWEI ROAD
994Guangfu Primary and Junior High School光夏中小學校Educational facility40 MOULMEIN ROAD
1008Grand DanoisUndefined990/992 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1018Guangdong Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School廣東中小學、幼稚園Educational facility1117 AVENUE ROAD
1048Guanggong Primary School廣公小學Educational facility629 SEYMOUR ROAD
1084Girl Junior High School女子中學Educational facility1246 AVENUE FOCH
1097Guandi Temple關帝廟Religious facility1691 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1128Garden花園Recreational facility?? KIAOCHOW ROAD
1162Garden花園Recreational facility377 HAIPHONG ROAD
1168Gordon Road Police Station戈登路巡捕房Administrative facility557 GORDON ROAD
1199Guohua Junior High School國華中學Educational facility1103 GORDON ROAD
1203GroundRecreational facility21 ROBISON ROAD
1205GroundRecreational facility?? MAPAI ROAD
1234Great Eastern Dispensary FactoryIndustrial site?? GREAT WESTERN ROAD
1241Guangfujiang Temple (Buddhist)廣福講寺Religious facility? FONGPANG (CENTRAL)
1267Guanghua University光華大學Educational facility289 OUYANG
1285General Headquarter of the Japanese Army日本陸戰隊本部Military facility1 JIANGWAN
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