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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
651Zunde Primary School尊徳小學Educational facility?? AMOY ROAD
204Zoo法国公園動物園Recreational facility?? ROUTE VOYRON
1421Zongxin Cotton Mill宗信紗廠Industrial site475 GUANGFU XILU
795Zhulin Temple竹林禅寺Religious facility109 RACE COURSE ROAD
1694Zhuanmie Gongsuo磚灰公所Community facility91 JINJIA FANG
904Zhuangmin Hospital壯民醫院Institutional site473-13 AVENUE ROAD
700Zhongyi Hospital中一医院Institutional site115 CHEKIANG ROAD
1200Zhongyang Funeral Parlor中央殯儀館Site of memory34 MAPAI ROAD
1658Zhongxi Publishing House中西書院Industrial site146 QUINSAN ROAD
1428Zhongxi Primary School No. 1中西第一小學Educational facility91 EDINBURGH ROAD
414Zhongxi No. 2 Primary School中西第二小學Educational facility420 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
1427Zhongxi Middle School for Girls中西女中Educational facility91 EDINBURGH ROAD
669Zhongxi Hospital醫院Institutional site74 LLYOD ROAD
273Zhonghui Hospital中穂醫院Institutional site457 AVENUE FOCH
308Zhonghua Xueyishe中華學藝社Community facility45 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
181Zhonghua Vocational Continuation School for Girls中華婦女補習学校Educational facility462 AVENUE JOFFRE
1693Zhonghua Theater中華大戲院Recreational facility1603 ZHONGHUA
1474Zhonghua Sports Hall中華運動場Recreational facility223 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
573Zhonghua Publishing House中華書局Commercial establishment221 HONAN ROAD
194Zhonghua Professional Vocational Continuation School No. 1第一中華職業補習學校Educational facility80 ROUTE VOYRON
762Zhonghua Primary School for Girls中華女子小學Educational facility498-136 NORTH SOOCHOW ROAD
198Zhonghua Junior High School for Girls中華女子中學Educational facility458/460 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
779Zhonghua Junior High School中華初級中學Educational facility596 TSEPOO ROAD
764Zhonghua Huangwanzi Hui中華黄萬字會Community facility140-3 NORTH SHANSE ROAD
1176Zhonghua Funeral Parlor中華殯儀館Site of memory2-A SINGAPORE ROAD
199Zhonghua Elementary Professional School for Girls中華女子初級職業学校Educational facility458/460 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
1611Zhonghe Apartment中和公寓Residential site297 WUTSIN ROAD
337Zhongguo Women's Training School中國婦女補習學校Educational facility315 ROUTE RAYMOND TENANT DE LA TOUR
1078Zhongguo School中國公學Educational facility1456 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1171Zhongguo Mental Nursing Home - Branch中國瘋病療養院第四分院Institutional site888-7 CONNAUGHT ROAD
108Zhongguo Junior High School for Girls中國女子中學Educational facility284-4 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
334Zhongguo Junior High School for Girls中國中學女子部Educational facility249 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
411Zhongguo Junior High School中國中學Educational facility388 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
639Zhongguo Jishenghui (Buddhist)中國濟生會Community facility20 KOOKA LUNG
333Zhongguo Primary School and Kindergarten中國幼稚園、中國小學Educational facility249 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
49Zhongfang Guangsi Xiayuan (Temple)中方廣寺下院Religious facility303/309 RUE PALIKAO
1414Zhongfang Factory No. 4鐘紡公大四廠Industrial site?? SINGAPORE ROAD (770 YUYAO ROAD)
1409Zhongfang Factory No. 3鐘紡公大三廠Industrial site33 JESSFIELD ROAD
274Zhongde Midwives School中徳助産學校Educational facility457 AVENUE FOCH
1074Zhizhong Junior High School for Girls治中女子中學Educational facility185 NANYANG
685Zhizhen Taoist Temple致真道院Religious facility236 -20 KWANGSE ROAD
1364Zhiyuan Park止園Industrial site292 ZHIYUAN
986Zhiyong University致用大學Educational facility707-48 AVENUE ROAD
1093Zhiren Junior High School for Girls智仁勇女子中學校Educational facility872 WEIHAIWEI ROAD
1638Zhicheng Temple至誠堂Religious facility463 WOOSUNG
697Zhicheng Hospital志成医院Institutional site12 SWATOW ROAD
1287Zhi'enyuan (Japanese Temple)知恩院Religious facility270 TOLUN
1326Zhexing Market浙興菜場Commercial establishment964 DIXWELL ROAD
127Zheshao Guild - Yongxi Building浙紹公所永錫堂Community facility430 RUE DU MARCHE
826Zhenxi Primary School振西小學Educational facility417-4 WEIHAIWEI ROAD
227Zhentang Gongsuo真堂公所Community facility313 RUE MASSENET
1722Zhentai Cotton Mill振泰紡織廠Industrial site1185 GUANGFU XILU
766Zhenru Primary School真茹小學Educational facility20-9 NORTH FOKIEN ROAD
1499Zhening Guild浙寧會館Community facility37 ??
690Zhenhua Hotel振華旅館Commercial establishment636-5 FOOCHOW ROAD
380Zhengzhi Primary School正志小學校Educational facility77 ROUTE DE SAY-ZOONG
811Zhengxing Junior High School for Girls正行女子中學Educational facility160 AVENUE FOCH
367Zhenguang Junior High School正光中學Educational facility80 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
1573Zhengshi Middle School正始中學Educational facilityFAHUAZHEN LU
912Zhengjuanye Primary School證券業小學Educational facility16 WONGKASHAW GARDENS
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