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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
12Xiaoming Girl Junior High School暁明女子中學Educational facility35 RUE MONTAUBAN
24Xinmeng Primary School新蒙小學Educational facility129-12 RUE TOURANE
45Xinxia Primary School新夏小學Educational facility439-1 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
73Xinhua Theater新華劇場Recreational facility661 EDWARD VII
153Ximen Primary School西門小學校Educational facility203 RUE CHAPSAL
161Xinxin Primary School新新小學校Educational facility429 RUE AUGUSTE BOPPE
238Xingzhong Primary School興中小學校Educational facility?? ROUTE CASSINI
251Xinya Junior High School新亞中學Educational facility553 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
267Xiaode Junior High School曉光中學Educational facility694 AVENUE JOFFRE
328Xianghua Primary School翔華小學校Educational facility248-1 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
643Xianglin Hospital祥麟醫院Institutional site578 PEKING ROAD
704Xiyuan Theater西園劇場Recreational facility154-5 KWANGSE ROAD
744Xindan Primary School新旦小學校Educational facility326 TSEPOO ROAD
756Xu Shaofu Clinic徐少甫診所Institutional site342 TSEPOO ROAD
828Xie Dongshan Ophtalmology Clinic謝東山眼科醫室Institutional site504-5 AVENUE FOCH
837Xinning Junior High School新寧中學Educational facility270 CHUNGKING ROAD
856Xinsheng Advanced Professional School新生女子高級職業學校Educational facility80 LOVE LANE
857Xianle Theater仙樂大戯院Recreational facility80 LOVE LANE
862Xiaoduhui Dancing小都會舞廰Recreational facility70-2 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
883Xianyue Dancing Hall仙樂舞宮Recreational facility404 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
911Xin Zhongguo Yixueyuan (Medical School)新中國医学院Educational facility19 WONGKASHAW GARDENS
948Xihai Theater西海大戯院Recreational facility701 SINZA ROAD
981Xiude Primary School私立修徳小學Educational facility728 AVENUE ROAD
1066Xinren Primary School新人小學Educational facility183 NAYANG
1073Ximo Primary School西摩小學Educational facility185 NANYANG
1076Xiejin Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School私立協進中小學及幼稚園Educational facility1550 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1080Xizhen Junior High School for Girls錫珍女子中學Educational facility310 HART ROAD
1091Xilinmen Dancing Hall喜臨門舞廰Recreational facility193 SEYMOUR ROAD
1117Xinbei Junior High School新北中學Educational facility2 KIAOCHOW ROAD
1210Xinyu Textile Factory No. 2新裕紡織第二廠Industrial site8 ROBISON ROAD
1247Xinjuchang新劇場Recreational facility?? RUE TOURANE
1345Xijin Gongsuo錫金公所Merchant organization1022 HAINING ROAD
1377Xinyu Cotton Mill No. 2新裕二厰Industrial site8 ROBISON ROAD
1382Xu Garden徐園Recreational facility?? CONNAUGHT ROAD
1390Xinjia Garden辛家花園Religious facility1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1413Xihai Dancing Hall西海舞臺Recreational facility858 JESSFIELD ROAD
1450Xieqiao Coffin Repository斜橋殯儀舘Site of memory94 CHIHTSAO ROAD
1454Xieqiao Mosque斜橋清真寺Religious facility414 LIYUAN
1479Xiaotaoyuan Mosque小桃園清真寺Religious facilityXIAOTAOYUAN
1480Xianmian Temple先棉祠Religious facility?? YINGGONGCI
1496Xiaoputuo Temple小普陀禪院Religious facility57 NANQU JIE
1525Xielu Park薤露園Recreational facility1290 HONGQIAO
1544Xuhui Girl Junior High School徐匯女中學Educational facility45 CAOXI BEILU
1549Xujiahui Library徐家匯圖書館Institutional site40 CAOXI BEILU
1550Xuhui Junior High School徐匯公學Educational facility20 CAOXI BEILU
1605Xinya Chawu (New Asia Teahouse)新雅茶屋Commercial establishment1421 NORTH SZECHUEN ROAD
1617Xin Shenbao (Newspaper)新申報Information & communication?? WUTSIN ROAD
1679Xiehe Church協和禮拜堂Religious facilityYUENMINGYUEN ROAD / SOOCHOW ROAD
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