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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
2Chaozhou Guild潮州會館Community facility105 WHAMPOO ROAD
4Customs Examination ShedAdministrative facility24 QUAI DE FRANCE
5China Navigation CompanyCommercial establishment23 QUAI DE FRANCE
6Consulate General of France法領事公使館Diplomatic representation2 RUE DU CONSULAT
21Chung Wai Bank中匯銀行Commercial establishment143 EDWARD VII
42Chunzai Hospital春在醫院Institutional site66 RUE DE NINGPO
72Crystal Theater黄金大戯院Recreational facility1 RUE KRAETZER
111Church基督教堂Religious facility17 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
130Caishen Temple財神廟Religious facility455-2A ROUTE CONTY
147Cotton Cloth Guild綿布公所Community facility406 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
154Chongshi Primary School崇實小學Educational facility430-7 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
165Chinese Taoist Association中教道義會Community facility34 ROUTE DOLLFUS
180Chaozhou Heji Hospital醫院Institutional site141-18 RUE MARCEL TILLOT
187Collège Municipal Français (French Municipal Junior High School )Educational facility11 ROUTE VALLON
210Chapsal Primary School薩波賽小學校Educational facility400 RUE CHAPSAL
282Chance ApartmentsResidential site368/372 ROUTE BOURGEAT
289Church of Christ King教堂Religious facility235 ROUTE BOURGEAT
292Cercle Sportif Français (French Club)法國俱樂部Recreational facility290 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
293Cathay Theater國泰大戯院Recreational facility870 AVENUE JOFFRE
303Champ de Courses Français (Canidrome)逸園Recreational facility441 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
304Central Bank - Shanghai Branch中央銀行上海分行中央信託局上海分局Commercial establishment439 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
306Cercle de La Police (French Police Club)Recreational facility47/49 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
358Charity Canteen民生簡便食堂Community facility1020 AVENUE JOFFRE
360Collège Sainte Jeanne D'Arc (Saint Joan of Arc Junior High School)Educational facility18 ROUTE DOUMER
362Consulate of Spain西班牙領事館Diplomatic representation1154 AVENUE JOFFRE
370Cunde Primary School存徳小學Educational facility42 ROUTE LORTON
375Cunde Primary and Junior High School存徳小學・中學Educational facility149 ROUTE AMIRAL COURBET
383Collège Saint François Xavier (Saint Francis Xavier School for Chinese)聖芳郎濟中學Educational facility1157-40 AVENUE FOCH
409Clement's ApartmentsResidential site1363 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
429Consulate General of Portugal大葡萄牙總領事署Diplomatic representation15 ROUTE FRANCIS GARNIER
432Church of Our Saviour (New Site)中華聖公會救主堂Religious facility77 ROUTE MONSEIGNEUR MARESCA
440Consulate General of Russia (Soviet Union)蘇俄駐華總領事館Diplomatic representation100-10 ROUTE DE SAY-ZOONG
442Chinese Red Cross Hospital No. 1中國紅十字會第一醫院Institutional site363 AVENUE HAIG
455Culty Dairy CompanyAgricultural site1567/1569 AVENUE JOFFRE
460Chenjingmiao Temple沉涇廟Religious facility993 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
499Carmelite Convent聖衣院Religious facility595 CAOXI BEILU
502Capitol Theater光陸大戯院Recreational facility142 MUSEUM ROAD
503Christian Literature BuildingCommunity facility128 MUSEUM ROAD
521Central Bank of China中央銀行Commercial establishment15 BUND ROAD
528Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China印度新金山中國渣打銀行Commercial establishment18 BUND ROAD
534Continental Bank BuildingCommercial establishment111/113 KIUKIANG ROAD
542China Southern BankCommercial establishment110 HANKOW ROAD
553China Development Bank銀行Commercial establishment33 SZECHUEN ROAD
555Chekiang Industrial Bank of China銀行Commercial establishment123 FOOCHOW ROAD
556China Banking Corporation銀行Commercial establishment89 FOOCHOW ROAD
560Commerce Bank of China銀行Commercial establishment7 BUND ROAD
566Chinese Cotton Goods ExchangeCommercial establishment260 EDWARD VII
568Central Police Station中央捕房Administrative facility185 FOOCHOW ROAD
574Commercial Press商務印書館Commercial establishment211 HONAN ROAD
575Chinese Commercial Bank中国通商銀行大楼Commercial establishment181 KIANGSE ROAD
576Consulate of the United States美國領事館Diplomatic representation181 KIANGSE ROAD
579Central Fire Station中央救火會Administrative facility280 HONAN ROAD
624Church白顕礼拝堂Religious facility539 FOOCHOW ROAD
634Central Pharmacy中央大藥房Commercial establishment540 HANKOW ROAD
665Chongbei Primary School崇北小學Educational facility127-10 LLOYD ROAD
689Chongshan Hospital崇善医院Institutional site720 FOOCHOW ROAD
768Chengji Primary School私立成基小學Educational facility1007-4 BOONE ROAD
773Chen Naiwen Neike Hospital陳乃文内科Institutional site114-7 NORTH CHEKIANG ROAD
803Committee for Refugee Relief難民救済協會同?組Community facility16 LUNGMEN ROAD
804Continental Hotel大陸飯店Commercial establishment69 YUYACHING ROAD
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