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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
61Siming Hospital四明醫院Institutional site125 RUE SOEUR ALLEGRE
62Minguang Primary School民光小學Educational facility127-8 RUE SOEUR ALLEGRE
63Guo'en Buddhist Temple國恩禅寺Religious facility239 ROUTE VOUILLEMONT
64Nanjing Theater南京大戯院Recreational facility523 AVENUE EDWARD VII
65Hengmao Primary School恒茂小學Educational facility95-84 RUE MARCO POLO
66Market (Baxian Bridge)八仙橋小菜場Commercial establishmentMEUGNIOT / POLO
67Residential ComplexResidential site69 RUE MARCO POLO
68Public Bath日新池浴室Commercial establishment173 ROUTE VOUILLEMONT
69Empire Theater恩派亞大戲院Recreational facility85 AVENUE JOFFRE
70Bank of China中國銀行Commercial establishment107/117 RUE MARCO POLO
71Public Bath西湖浴室Commercial establishmentRUE KRAETZER
72Crystal Theater黄金大戯院Recreational facility1 RUE KRAETZER
73Xinhua Theater新華劇場Recreational facility661 EDWARD VII
74Jinlong People's Clinic晋隆平民醫院Institutional site78/80 RUE LEMAIRE
75Astor Theater滬光大戲院Recreational facility725 AVENUE EDWARD VII
76Hualong Native-Medicine Hospital華隆中醫院Institutional site50 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
77Dahua Dancing Hall大華舞廳Recreational facility743 EDWARD VII
78Yuandong Hospital遠東醫院Institutional site130 RUE DE LAGRENE
79Lisheng Primary School利生小學校Educational facility158 RUE DE LAGRENE
80Primary School小學校Educational facility368 RUE EUGENE BARD
81Fuci Primary School福慈小學Educational facility368 RUE EUGENE BARD
82Nanyang Yueju Theater南洋越劇戯院Recreational facility59/61 RUE OU SONG KIANG
83Muslim Cemetery回教徒公墓Site of memory380 RUE OU SONG KIANG
84Taicang Normal School太倉師範學校Educational facility412-5 RUE AUGUSTE BOPPE
85French Municipal Council法工部局Administrative facility2 RUE BLUNTSCHLI
86SMC Garbage Transportation Office上海公共租界工部局承運拉扱事Administrative facility31 RUE OU SONG KIANG
87Minsheng Primary School for Girls民生女子小學Educational facility?? RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
88Lafayette Police Station (Poste Lafayette)公董局巡捕房Administrative facility211 AVENUE JOFFRE
89Firemen Barracks (French Municipal Council)救火會Administrative facility197 AVENUE JOFFRE
90Jingshantang静善堂Community facility172-1 AVENUE JOFFRE
91Pahsienjao Cemetery (Baxianqiao)外國坟山Site of memory156 ROUTE VOUILLEMONT
92Renji Shantang (Wood Storage)仁濟善堂施材棧Religious facility77 RUE BLUNTSCHLI
93Dinghai Guilhall定海會館Community facility111-B RUE BLUNTSCHLI
94Yanxinsi Temple晏心寺Religious facility132 RUE EUGENE BARD
95Primary School小學校Educational facility265 RUE EUGENE BARD
96Primary School and Junior High School中小學校Educational facility381 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
97Primary School and Kindergarten小學及幼稚園Educational facility40-2 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
98Shanghai Junior High School for Girls上海中學女子部Educational facility40-2 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
99Omon Theater亞蒙大戯院Recreational facility259 RUE EUGENE BARD
100Hongkou Maternity Hospital Dispensary虹口産科醫院分診部Institutional site40-10 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
101Public Bath西園浴室Commercial establishment279-1 RUE HENNEQUIN
102Facang Jiangsi Temple法蔵講寺Religious facility271 RUE GALLE
103Puji Temple普濟禅寺Religious facility273 RUE BLUNTSCHLI
104Public Bath浴室Commercial establishment313 RUE BLUNTSCHLI
105Mingde Shantang明徳善堂Community facility32-1 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
106Public Bath新泉浴室Commercial establishment195-199 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
107Public Bath同樂池浴室Commercial establishment163/165 RUE DU MARCHE
108Zhongguo Junior High School for Girls中國女子中學Educational facility284-4 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
109Market (Caishi Road)菜市路小菜場Commercial establishment200 RUE DU MARCHE
110Fuchun Primary School阜春小學Educational facility15 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
111Church基督教堂Religious facility17 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
112Shanghai Jianan Hospital上海迦南醫院Institutional site19 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
113Huanan Primary School華南小學Educational facility237 RUE DU MARCHE
114Public Toilets厠所Transportation features84 ROUTE CONTY
115Baiyun Temple白雲殿Religious facility707-29 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
116Venus Theater榮金大戲院Recreational facility11 ROUTE CONTY
117Junior High School中學Educational facility41 ROUTE PERE DUGOUT
118Public Bath香泉浴室Commercial establishment70 ROUTE PERE DUGOUT
119Police Sub-Station (Poste de Surveillance)警所Administrative facilityRUE DE CAPITAINE RABIER / ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
120Seventh Day Baptist Mission安息浸禮會Religious facility23 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
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