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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
28Dah Woo HotelCommercial establishment345 EDWARD VII ROAD
44Dunbei Primary School敦北小學Educational facility38-34 RUE MILLOT
60Datong Hospital大同醫院Institutional site83-25 RUE SOEUR ALLEGRE
77Dahua Dancing Hall大華舞廳Recreational facility743 EDWARD VII
93Dinghai Guilhall定海會館Community facility111-B RUE BLUNTSCHLI
143Dongnan (Tung Nan) Hospital東南醫院Institutional site488 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
144Dongnan Professional School東南高級職業学校Educational facility299 RUE CHAPSAL
150Datong Junior High School大同附中Educational facility572 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
152Dunren Junior High School for Girls私立敦仁女史小學Educational facility382 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
178Dentist児童歯科院Commercial establishment524-11 AVENUE JOFFRE
201Dentist協和歯科醫院Commercial establishment506 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
211Dehua Primary School私立徳華小學Educational facility502-1 ROUTE CONTY
218Dubail ApartmentsResidential site181 AVENUE DUBAIL
284Daxia Junior High School大夏中學Educational facility725 AVENUE FOCH
290Dachay MarstorsResidential site265 ROUTE BOURGEAT
301Danjing Temple淡井廟Religious facility12-A ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
327Dongpu Junior High School東浦中學Educational facility393 -27 ROUTE RAYMOND TENANT DE LA TOUR
361Doumer Theater杜美大戲院Recreational facility9 ROUTE DOUMER
376Daoist Temple善道堂Religious facility709 ROUTE RATARD
408Dahua Hospital大華醫院Institutional site19 ROUTE POTTIER
418Dauphiné ApartmentsResidential site394 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
441Dongting Dongshan Guild洞庭東山會館Community facility329/331 AVENUE HAIG
522Deutsch-Asiatische Bank徳華銀行Commercial establishment294 SZECHUEN ROAD
567Development BuildingCommercial establishment171 KIANGSE RAOD
628Dong'an Hotel東安旅館Commercial establishment504-10 CANTON ROAD
678Dawutai Dancing Hall大舞臺Recreational facility663 KIUKIANG ROAD
682Dancing Hall舞場Recreational facility250 YUYACHING ROAD
684Dazhonghua Hospital大中華医院Institutional site746 FOOCHOW ROAD
686Dalu Ophtalmology Clinic大陸眼科医院Institutional site671 HANKOW ROAD
698Dasheng Hospital大生医院Institutional site121 KWANGSE ROAD
702Dachuan Hospital大川醫院Institutional site608 CANTON ROAD
787Dispatchment Office - Ministry of Communications交通部儲轉處Administrative facility129 WINCHESTER ROAD
865Dazhong Hospital大中醫院Institutional site100-12 BURKILL ROAD
866Dexintang徳心堂Commercial establishment104 BURKILL ROAD
882Dongxing Hospital東興醫院Institutional site449 BURKILL ROAD
943Dajiang Junior High School大江中學Educational facility566-26 SINZA ROAD
945Dajiang Junior High School大江中學Educational facility566-26 SINZA ROAD
964Daozhong Junior High School for Girls私立道中女子初中學校Educational facility564 AVENUE ROAD
965Daozhong Vocational Continuation School for Girls道中婦女補習學校Educational facility564 AVENUE ROAD
966Daozhong Junior High School道中中學Educational facility584/592 AVENUE ROAD
982Daoyi Primary School道一小學Educational facility712/724 AVENUE ROAD
995Dung Dai Medical College同徳醫學院Educational facility57-1 YATES ROAD
1004Dancing Hall维也纳舞場Recreational facility6 MAJESTIC ROAD
1020Dagong Hospital大公醫院Institutional siteBUBBLING WELL ROAD / GORDON ROAD
1034Dade Hospital大徳醫院Institutional site293 GORDON ROAD
1079Dahai Junior High School大海中學Educational facility1456 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1135Darui Hospital大瑞医院Institutional site557 HART ROAD
1182Delirun Bamboo Store德利潤竹行Commercial establishment1043 HART ROAD
1221Door of Hope濟良所Institutional site22 ROBISON ROAD
1311Donghai Cinema東海電影院Recreational facility144 MUIRHEAD ROAD
1367Diplomatic Mission Headquarters出使行轅Administrative facility470 NORTH SOOCHOW ROAD
1375Dafeng Cotton Mill大豐紡織廠Industrial site321 PANJIAWAN
1403Daxia University大夏大學Educational facility?? ZHONGSHAN LU
1452Dongting Dongshan Guild洞庭東山會館Community facility437 LIYUAN
1461Datong University大同大學Educational facility401 CHEZHAN LU
1581Dixwell ApartmentsResidential site1926 NORTH SZECHUEN ROAD
1642Donghe Theater東和劇場Recreational facility341 CHAPOO ROAD
1646Ding Ling's Residence丁玲舊居Residential site?? KUNSHAN
1666Dai Nippon Kohu Shakai (Greater Japan Airline Company)大日本航空會社Commercial establishment71 SEWARD ROAD
1710Deng'ai Hospital澄哀醫院Institutional site?? ZHENGMIN LU
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