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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
14Leisi Primary School私立類思小學Educational facility36 RUE MONTAUBAN
56Lagrene School啦格納小學Educational facility84 RUE ORIOU
79Lisheng Primary School利生小學校Educational facility158 RUE DE LAGRENE
88Lafayette Police Station (Poste Lafayette)公董局巡捕房Administrative facility211 AVENUE JOFFRE
128Linlong Primary School林隆小學Educational facility585-5A RUE BRENIER DE MONTMORAND
139Lafayette Movie Theater辣斐大戲院Recreational facility323 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
146Lijiao Gubeitang Temple理教古北堂Religious facility396 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
170Laodahua Dancing老大華跳Recreational facility41 RUE BRENIER DE MONTMORAND
220Lokawei Cemetery外國坟山Site of memory476 RUE CHAPSAL
239Lanxing Primary School私立蘭星小學Educational facility326 ROUTE CASSINI
271Lianhua Buddhist Temple寺廟Religious facility36/40 RUE DU LIEUTENANT PETIOT
281Lijiao Shanli Shantang理教善縁善堂Religious facility366-11 ROUTE BOURGEAT
288Lyceum Theater蘭心大戯院Recreational facility101 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
298Leshan Temple樂善寺Religious facility771 AVENUE JOFFRE
384Leren Hospital樂仁醫院Institutional site70 ROUTE AMIRAL COURBET
393Little Floks Garden SchoolEducational facility675 ROUTE BOURGEAT
399Lafayette Garden Theater辣斐花園劇場Recreational facility1315 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
449Liberty ApartmentsResidential site258 ROUTE MONSEIGNEUR MARESCA
451Lincoln ApartmentsResidential site1562 AVENUE JOFFRE
536Liza BuildingResidential site346 SZECHUEN ROAD
584Lihe YanghangCommercial establishment210 KIUKIANG ROAD
618Lester Hospital仁濟醫院Institutional site145 SHANTUNG ROAD
647Lyric Theater金域大戯院Recreational facility780 PEKING ROAD
667Louza Police Station老閘巡捕房Administrative facilityKWEICHOW ROAD / TIENTSIEN ROAD
694Liangji Hospital良済医院Institutional site78 SWATOW ROAD
796Longxing Temple龍興禅寺Religious facility954 AVENUE EDWARD VII
813Lujia Buddhist Temple陸家観音堂Religious facility234/244 AVENUE FOCH
867Longmen Primary and Junior High School龍門中小學校Educational facility34 KULING ROAD
903Liuhua Primary and Junior High School六華小學、幼稚園Educational facility597-5 CHENGTU ROAD
978Lido Dancing Hall and Swimming Pool麗都花園舞廰及游泳池Recreational facility306 MEDHURST ROAD
1157Liren Primary School and Kindergarten立人小學校立人幼稚園Educational facility707-8 GORDON ROAD
1252Liyuan Gongsuo梨園公所Community facility593 FONGPANG (CENTRAL)
1365Laozha Bridge老閘橋Transportation featuresFOKIEN -BRIDGE (SUZHOU HE)-
1400Litian Cotton Mill豊田紡織廠Industrial site?? ZHONGSHAN XILU
1402Liolita ApartmentResidential site?? ZHONGSHAN LU
1432Litian Textile Mill Dormitories豊田紡織廠職員宿舍Residential site1000 YUYUAN ROAD
1435Lianhua Hotel蓮花賓館Commercial establishment914 GREAT WESTERN ROAD
1513Li Park (Liyuan)麗園Military facility279 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
1521Libo Garden麗波花園Recreational facility177 PERSHING
1714Labor University勞動大學Educational facility105 CHEZHAN XILU
1715Liangjiang Sports School for Women兩江女子體育專科學校Educational facility?? XIEHE LU
1736LEE APARTMENTResidential site847 AVENUE JOFFRE
1737LOCK APARTMENTSResidential site245 AVENUE HAIG
1738LOCK APARTMENTSResidential site255 AVENUE HAIG
1739LOCK APARTMENTSResidential site265 AVENUE HAIG
1740LOCK APARTMENTSResidential site275 AVENUE HAIG
4156Lowrie Institute心中學校597 陸家浜路
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