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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
32YMCA青年會Community facility123 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
54Yucai Primary School育材小學Educational facility40 RUE HENNEQUIN
78Yuandong Hospital遠東醫院Institutional site130 RUE DE LAGRENE
94Yanxinsi Temple晏心寺Religious facility132 RUE EUGENE BARD
133Yanze Hospital延澤醫院Institutional site432 ROUTE CONTY
151Yixin Primary School一心小學Educational facility123-61 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
214Yixing Primary School義興小學Educational facility349-1 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
283Youying Primary School有英小學Educational facility725 AVENUE FOCH
364Yishan Primary School岐春小學Educational facility106 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
379Yucai Junior High School育才初級中學Educational facility79 ROUTE DE SAY-ZOONG
434Yueqin Tuoxuetang樂勤脱學堂Religious facility10 ROUTE POTTIER
450Yafa CourtUndefined253/255 ROUTE MONSEIGNEUR MARESCA
464Yanping Guild燕平會館Community facility241 ROUTE JEROME WINLING
504YWCA中華基督教女子青年會全体協會Community facility113 YUENMINGYUEN ROAD
514Yokohama Specie Bank横浜正金銀行Commercial establishment24 BUND ROAD
519Yangtsze Insurance揚子保険公司Commercial establishment26 BUND ROAD
563Yongnian Renshou Insurance Company永年人寿保険公司Commercial establishment93 CANTON ROAD
565Yixing Distribution Office興行發行所Commercial establishment6 TONGGEBAKA
593YMCA Headquarters青年會Community facility460 KIANGSE ROAD
594YMCA青年會Community facility?? HONGKONG ROAD
595YMCA青年會Community facility?? HONGKONG ROAD
601YMCA青年會Community facility131 MUSEUM ROAD
659Yide Hospital一徳醫院Institutional site230-234 KWEICHOW ROAD
680Yangzi Hotel揚子飯店Commercial establishment287 YUNNAN ROAD
683Yicheng Primary School義成小學Educational facility
692Yipinxiang Hotel一品香中西旅社Commercial establishment270 YUYACHING ROAD
696Yongxiang Hospital永祥医院Institutional site720 CANTON ROAD
699Yangxin Primary School養心小学Educational facility109-2 KWANGSE ROAD
720Yuelin Temple岳林寺下院Religious facility822 HAINING ROAD
732Yu Xiaqing Residence虞洽卿公館Residential site704 HAINING ROAD
750Yazhou Printer亞洲印務局Industrial site788-17 BOONE ROAD
759Yuandong Primary School遠東小學Educational facility249-4 NORTH SHANSE ROAD
793Yuandong Shangke Hospital遠東傷科醫院Institutional site69-3 RACE COURSE ROAD
812Yuehua Primary School樂華小學校Educational facility162 AVENUE FOCH
852Yici Hospital仁慈診療所Institutional site348-25 WEIHAWEI ROAD
955Yufosi Xiayuan Temple玉佛寺下院Religious facility853 CHENGTU ROAD
1001YWCA女青年會Community facility323 MOULMEIN ROAD
1027Yuequn Junior High School上海樂群中學Educational facility970 AVENUE ROAD
1204Yufosi Temple (Jade Buddha)玉佛寺Religious facility280 PENANG ROAD
1246Yangbu Gongsuo洋布公所Community facility94 RUE TOURANE
1271Yiyuan主順堂Religious facility?? HUAYUAN
1329Yuenaiwu Garden月迺屋花園Educational facility1177 DIXWELL ROAD
1383Yong'an Cotton Mill No. 3永安第三棉紡廠Industrial site491 MARKHAM ROAD
1384Yangzi Wood Factory揚子木材廠Industrial site1189 GUANGFU
1385Yuyuan Silk Factory裕源紗廠Industrial site640 MARKHAM ROAD
1387YWCA基督教女青年會Community facility495 KIANGNING ROAD
1422Yongyu Cotton Mill永豫紗廠Industrial site379 GUANGFU XILU
1437Yiding Apartments憶定邨Residential site495 EDINBURGH ROAD
1438Yue Apartments月邨Residential site472 EDINBURGH ROAD
1506Yaowang Temple藥王廟Religious facility?? TIANDENG XIANG
1508Yeshiyuan Garden也是園Recreational facility?? NINGHE / YESHIYUAN
1523Yongan' Cemetery永安公墓Site of memoryGUBEI / XIANXIA
1527Yaojia Garden姚家花園Recreational facilityHONGQIAO / MACLEOD
1532Yanxi Temple焉息堂Religious facilityKELE LU
1566Yu Family Tomb郁氏山壯Site of memory119 TANWEI
1620Yachiyo Hotel (Japanese)八千代旅館Commercial establishment?? RANGE ROAD
1622Yamazaki Hotel (Japanese)山崎オテルCommercial establishment
1625Yamato Hotel大和オテルCommercial establishment84 HANNEN ROAD
1700Yujia Temple俞家廟Religious facility?? LAODAIDU LU
1711Yejia Garden葉家花園Recreational facility597 GUODING
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