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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
41Fuzi Hospital Dispensary父子醫院門診部Institutional site64 RUE DE NINGPO
81Fuci Primary School福慈小學Educational facility368 RUE EUGENE BARD
85French Municipal Council法工部局Administrative facility2 RUE BLUNTSCHLI
89Firemen Barracks (French Municipal Council)救火會Administrative facility197 AVENUE JOFFRE
102Facang Jiangsi Temple法蔵講寺Religious facility271 RUE GALLE
110Fuchun Primary School阜春小學Educational facility15 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
121Fahua Diyuan Buddhist Association佛化祇園法會Community facility78-66 ROUTE PERE DUGOUT
132French Association of Assistance to Russian Families (Oeuvres Françaises d'assistance aux Familles Russes)Community facility361 RUE CHAPSAL
164Franciscan ProcurationReligious facility141 AVENUE DUBAIL
169French Municipal Council (Conseil Municipal Français)法工部局Administrative facility375 AVENUE JOFFRE
203FMC - Bureau of Public Works - First District公董局公務處Administrative facility?? ROUTE DOLLFUS
205Fuchun Primary School阜春小學Educational facility157-1 AVENUE DUBAIL
212French Company of Tramways and Electricity (Compagnie Française de Tramways et D'éclairage Electriques de Shanghai) - OfficesIndustrial site249 AVENUE DUBAIL
225French Company of Tramways and Electricity (Compagnie Française de Tramways et d'éclairage Electriques de Shanghai) - Plant法商水電公司Commercial establishment310 AVENUE DUBAIL
228FMC - Garbage Collection Trucks Carpa法工部局拉圾停車處Administrative facility271/277 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
231FMC - Warehouse公董局倉庫Administrative facility350 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
237FMC - Bureau of Finance法工部局財務處Administrative facility28 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
244FMC - Garbage Collection Trucks Carpark法工部局拉扱汽車停車處Administrative facility8 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
245FMC - Bureau of Public Works - Workshop法工部局工程處Administrative facility10 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
252Franco-Chinese Friendship Association (Association D'amitié Franco-Chinoise)中法聯誼會Community facility577 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
317French Chinal Field Battalion法國兵營Military facility450 ROUTE PERE ROBERT
318FMC - Warehouse Père Robert公董局倉庫Administrative facility468 ROUTE PERE ROBERT
320FMC - Warehouse公董局倉庫Administrative facility723 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
321FMC - Gardens, Parks and Plants法工部局花園Administrative facility133 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
322FMC - Power Station法工部局無線電台)Industrial site135 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
325French Cemetery法国坟山Site of memory646 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
338Franco-Chinese Technical Institute (Institut Technique Franco-Chinois)中法工學院Educational facility406 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
341Franco-Chinese University - Faculty of Pharmacy中法大學葯學専修科Educational facility410 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
343French China Field Second Battalion (2ème Bataillon de Marche de Chine)Military facility412 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
402French Military Residence法國兵房Military facility79 ROUTE PICHON
405Football Playground足球場Recreational facility?? ROUTE LAFAYETTE
416French China Field Battalion (Bataillon de Marche de Chine)法國兵營Military facility388-15 ROUTE RAYMOND TENANT DE LA TOUR
420FMC - Bureau of Health (Service Sanitaire)法工部局衛生總局Administrative facility294 ROUTE RENE DELASTRE
422French China Field Battalion (Bataillon de Marche de Chine)法國兵營Military facility319 ROUTE GHISI
457French China Field Second Battalion (2ème Bataillon de Marche de Chine)法國兵營Military facility990 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
458FMC - Bureau of Public Works - Warehouse法工部局公程處西棧Administrative facility607 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
462FMC - Tree Nursery法工部局樹園Military facility440 ROUTE ANDRE COHEN
463French China Field Battalion (Bataillon de Marche de Chine)法國兵營Community facility691 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
468French China Field Battalion (Bataillon de Marche de Chine)法國兵營Administrative facility?? ROUTE BRIDOU
469Firemen Barracks救火會Administrative facility23 ROUTE BRIDOU
470Firemen Barracks救火會Residential site?? ROUTE BRIDOU
481French China Field Battalion (Bataillon de Marche de Chine)法國兵營Educational facility204 ROUTE PROSPER PARIS
488Factory工廠Institutional site1098 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
491Fuhua Primary School復華小學Commercial establishment266/270 ROUTE PROSPER PARIS
494FMC - Tree Nursery法工部局?樹園Educational facility1550 ZIAZEE ROAD
716Franco-Chinese Pharmacy中法大藥房Commercial establishment760 EDWARD VII ROAD
718Far Eastern Hotel遠東飯店Commercial establishment90 YUYACHING ROAD
753Fengyuan Factory豊元廠Industrial site777 BOONE ROAD
863Foreign Ymca Headquarters西青年會Community facility150 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
868Fuhua Primary School復華小學Educational facility44 KULING ROAD
889Fourth Marine ClubRecreational facility722 BURKILL ROAD
891Fire Station救火會Administrative facility295 AVENUE ROAD
908Fuguang Primary and Junior High School夏光中小學Educational facility167 TATUNG ROAD
1056Fruit Confectionery FactoryIndustrial site1432 SINZA ROAD
1065Fuyintang福音堂Religious facility1517 SINZA ROAD
1112First Church of Christ ScientistReligious facility1623 AVENUE ROAD
1212Factory工廠Industrial site140 MOKANSHAN ROAD
1213Flour Mill麵粉廠Industrial site126 MOKANSHAN ROAD
1214Flour Mill麵粉廠Industrial site126 MOKANSHAN ROAD
1370Fufeng Flour Mill阜豐麵粉厰Industrial site?? WEST SOOCHOW ROAD
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