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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
10Bank銀行Commercial establishment1 RUE MONTAUBAN
36Baochan Hospital保産醫院Institutional site438 BOULEVARD DES DEUX REPUBLIQUES
70Bank of China中國銀行Commercial establishment107/117 RUE MARCO POLO
115Baiyun Temple白雲殿Religious facility707-29 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
129Bureau of Health - Car Park清潔局停車處Administrative facility742 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
160Buddhist Temple佛堂Religious facility20 RUE AUGUSTE BOPPE
195Ball Game Playground球場Recreational facility643 AVENUE JOFFRE
202Buddhist Association Shande善徳佛慈會Religious facility163-2 AVENUE DUBAIL
221Bus Carpark公共汽車停車處Transportation featuresROUTE CONTY / AVENUE DUBAIL
272Ball Game Playground球場Recreational facility189 ROUTE RATARD
312Basket Ball PlaygroundRecreational facility172 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
315Bataillon Mixte Colonial de Chine法國兵營Military facility71 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
339Bideweiyu Primary School比徳位育小學校Educational facility1197 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
340Basket Ball PlaygroundRecreational facility412 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
342Ball Game Playground球場Recreational facility410 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
373Bingsheng Primary School and Kindergarten柄生幼稚園・小學校Educational facility692 ROUTE BOURGEAT
400Ball Game Playground球場Recreational facility1313 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
410Bihua Primary School比華小學Educational facility370 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
437Ball Game Playground球場Recreational facility204 ROUTE DE SAY-ZOONG
446Brookside ApartmentsResidential site433 AVENUE HAIG
465Baosheng Temple保生庵Educational facility90 ROUTE BRIDOU
479Ball Game Playground球場Undefined72 ROUTE PAUL LEGENDRE
501British Consulate General英國領事館Diplomatic representation32/35 BUND ROAD
507British Bank银行Commercial establishment28 BUND ROAD
508Banque de L'indochine印度支那銀行Commercial establishment29 BUND ROAD
511Bank of China中國銀行Commercial establishment20 BUND ROAD
530Bank of Taiwan臺灣銀行Commercial establishment16 BUND ROAD
533Bank of East Asia東亞銀行Commercial establishment299 SZECHUEN ROAD
537Bank of Chosen朝鮮銀行Commercial establishment330 SZECHUEN ROAD
538Bank of Communications交通銀行Commercial establishment14 BUND ROAD
588Bank of Canton廣東銀行Commercial establishment52 NINGPO ROAD
608Bank国華銀行Commercial establishment342 PEKING ROAD
858Boyong Hospital伯庸醫院Institutional site94 LOVE LANE
870Banxin Primary School板新小學Educational facility166/170 KULING ROAD
993Bank of China中國銀行Commercial establishment801 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1072British Forces Recreation CenterRecreational facility85 FERRY ROAD
1075Beiwen Junior High School for Girls裨文女子中學Educational facility185 NANYANG
1096Bubbling Well Road Cemetery靜安寺路外國公墓Site of memory1649 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1114Bubbling Well Road Police Station靜安寺巡捕房Administrative facility172 YUYUEN ROAD
1136Ball Game Playground秦山體育會球場Recreational facility545 HART ROAD
1151Beixin Primary and Junior High School北新中小學Educational facilityCONNAUGHT ROAD / TONQUIN ROAD
1170Barbarians Bowling ClubRecreational facility923 CHANGPING ROAD
1235Butterfly & Swire太古洋行Commercial establishment25 QUAI DE FRANCE
1238Banque Industrielle Franco-Chinoise中法實業銀行Commercial establishment2 QUAI DE FRANCE
1274Baoxing Coffin Repository寳興殯儀舘Site of memory?? XIBAOXING LU
1313Broadway Theater百老匯大戲院Recreational facility57 WAYSIDE ROAD
1378Bailishi Candle Factory白禮氏洋燭場Industrial site9 ROBISON ROAD
1418Baocheng Cotton Mill寶成纱廠Industrial site?? ROBISON ROAD
1425Blind Children School盲童學校Educational facility40 EDINBURGH
1443Brunner, Mond and Company - DormitoriesResidential site?? XI?ANBANG
1445Baocang Temple寳藏寺Religious facility271 RUE GALLE
1446Baiyunguan Temple白雲觀Religious facility137-10 ZHAOZHOU LU
1464Bethel Hospital醫院Institutional siteQUZHENREN LU / ZHIZAOJU LU
1485Bansong Garden半淞園Recreational facility?? BANSONGYUAN LU
1576Barracks - Japanese Army Headquarters陸戰隊司令官宿舍Military facility216 TOLUN
1665Banzaikan Hotel (Japanese)萬歲館Commercial establishment181 MINHONG
1678British American Tobacco CompanyIndustrial site161 MUSEUM ROAD
1682Bankers' Club銀行俱樂部Recreational facility59 HONGKONG ROAD
1689Broadway Mansions上海大廈Residential site20 NORTH SOOCHOW ROAD
1691Bank Building銀行大廈Commercial establishment?? TIENDONG ROAD
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