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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
3South Eastern Theatre東南大戲院Recreational facility71 BOULEVARD DES DEUX REPUBLIQUES
13St. Joseph Church天主堂Religious facility36 RUE MONTAUBAN
15Shenmuyuan Orphanage聖母院 - 拯亡會Institutional site37 RUE MONTAUBAN
27Shanghai Anti-Kidnapping Society中国救濟婦孺總會Institutional site66 RUE HUE
33Shanghai Telephone Company上海電話公司Information & communication106 RUE PALIKAO
37Shanghai Sanatorium Hospital上海療肺静養院Institutional site1 ROUTE DE NINGPO
61Siming Hospital四明醫院Institutional site125 RUE SOEUR ALLEGRE
86SMC Garbage Transportation Office上海公共租界工部局承運拉扱事Administrative facility31 RUE OU SONG KIANG
98Shanghai Junior High School for Girls上海中學女子部Educational facility40-2 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
112Shanghai Jianan Hospital上海迦南醫院Institutional site19 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
120Seventh Day Baptist Mission安息浸禮會Religious facility23 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
123Shanghai School of Fine Arts上海美術専科學校Educational facility440 RUE DU MARCHE
124Shunfeng Primary School舜風小學Educational facility149-40 ROUTE PERE DUGOUT
131Shanghai Association of Pork MerchantsCommunity facility311 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
138Shanghai Cotton Cloth Professional Association Yiwu Primary School上海市綿布業同業公會義務小學Educational facility404 RUE BRENIER DE MONTMORAND
140Shengde Primary School聖徳小學Educational facility425 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
148Shanghai Cotton Cloth Professional Association上海市綿布業同業公會Community facility404 RUE BRENIER DE MONTMORAND
149Sanshengdian TempleReligious facility?? ROUTE LAFAYETTE
159Sisheng Primary School斯盛中小学Educational facility477 RUE AUGUSTE BOPPE
163Shengsheng Hospital生生醫院Institutional site58 RUE CHAPSAL
166Shanghai Nanyang Hospital上海南洋醫院Institutional site1 RUE CHAPSAL
168Shenjiang Hospital申江醫院Institutional site351 AVENUE JOFFRE
171Shengsheng Professional School for Midwives生生高級助産職業學校Educational facility16 ROUTE BOURGEAT
172Shangxian Women and Children Hospital尚賢婦孺醫院Institutional site12 RUE CHAPSAL
173Shanghai Chicang Hospital上海痔瘡治療院Institutional site68 RUE MARCEL TILLOT
182Shihua Primary School時化小學Educational facility114 ROUTE BOURGEAT
189Songjiang Vocational Continuation School for Girls上海婦女補習學校Educational facility56-1 ROUTE VOYRON
190Songjiang Junior High School for Girls松江女子中學Educational facility56-1 ROUTE VOYRON
207Shandong Guild山東會館Community facility249 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
224Shanghai Municipal Council工部局Administrative facility25 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
230Sanguantang Temple三官堂Religious facility223-26 ROUTE CASSINI
247Saint Mary Hospital (Hôpital Sainte Marie)廣慈醫院Institutional site197 ROUTE PERE ROBERT
255School of English英専學校Educational facility21 RUE CORNEILLE
259Shanghai Office of the International Relief Committee國際救済委員會上海事務所Community facility31 RUE CORNEILLE
265Shengxin Primary School聖心小學校Educational facility191 ROUTE BOURGEAT
279Shiguang Primary School市光小學校Educational facility74-104 ROUTE DES SOEURS
287Shanghai Kinder Sanatorium上海児科療養院Institutional site438 ROUTE RATARD
296School學校Educational facility401 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
309Sports FieldRecreational facility95 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
331Sanjiao Shan'an Shanlao Tangyuan三教善安善老堂院Religious facility433-22 ROUTE RAYMOND TENANT DE LA TOUR
332Sports Field運動場Recreational facility?? ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
347Swimming Pool Lanyuan蘭園遊泳池Recreational facility342 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
368S.S.SomkehUndefined2 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
389Shangxian Women and Children Hospital尚賢婦孺醫院Institutional site11 ROUTE DOUMER
395Sports Field運動場Recreational facility143 ROUTE DE SAY-ZOONG
396Savoy ApartmentsResidential site163 ROUTE DE GROUCHY
401Shanghai Telephone Company上海電話公司Information & communication57 ROUTE PICHON
406Suiren Hospital髄仁醫院Institutional site1325 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
417Sacred Heart Hospital (Hôpital du Sacré Coeur)聖心醫院Institutional site197 ROUTE GHISI
419Shanghai Funeral Parlor上海殯儀館Site of memory838 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
424Shanghai Committee of Oriental Cultural Affairs東方文化事業上海委員會Institutional site300 ROUTE GHISI
425Shanghai Hospital上海醫院Institutional site170/172 ROUTE GHISI
427Shanghai International Relief Committee Refugee Camp No. 2上海國際救濟會第二難民収容所Institutional site?? ROUTE GHISI
435Shumin Primary and Junior High School樹民中小學校Educational facility165-5 ROUTE MONSEIGNEUR MARESCA
444Shumin Primary School (A)樹民小学校 (甲)Educational facility194 ROUTE DUPLEIX
447Shumin Primary School (B)樹民小學校 (已)Educational facility185/187 ROUTE DUPLEIX
453Shanghai American School美國學堂Educational facility10 ROUTE LOUIS DUFOUR
466School for Russian ChildrenAdministrative facility296 ROUTE JEROME WINLING
486Shuying Primary School淑英小學Recreational facility137 ROUTE PROSPER PARIS
487Sports Field健文運動場Industrial site169 PICARD DESTELAN
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