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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
55Weiyang Dancing Hall維揚大舞臺Recreational facility62 RUE HENNEQUIN
226Wastewater Treatmen Plant (Usine de Traitement des Eaux)自來水廠Industrial site312 AVENUE DUBAIL
276Water Reservoir大千溜水場Industrial site2 ROUTE DES SOEURS
319Wufu Daoist Temple五福道院Religious facility410-22 ROUTE PERE ROBERTT
346Woo Chang Sanatorium and HospitalInstitutional site331 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
353Weida HotelCommercial establishment993 AVENUE JOFFRE
415Water Tank水塔Industrial site490 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
428Womenメs Foreign Missionary Society外國女佈道会Religious facility?? AVENUE PETAIN
471Washington Apartments華盛頓公寓Residential site338/340 ROUTE ANDRE COHEN
516Whiteaway, Laidlaw & CompanyCommercial establishment98 NANKING ROAD
527Wai Foong HouseCommercial establishment218 SZECHUEN ROAD
558William Hunts CompanyCommercial establishment9 BUND ROAD
623Wugong Restaurant呉宮飯店Commercial establishment152 CENTRAL FOKIEN ROAD
631Wing On Company (New Building)永安公司新廈Commercial establishment627 NANKING ROAD
681Wing On Company永安公司Commercial establishmentCHEKIANG ROAD / NANKING ROAD
709Wanquan Hospital萬全醫院Institutional site261 PAKHOI ROAD
741Wenchang Primary and Junior High School私立文昌中小學校Educational facility894 BOONE ROAD
742Wenchang Primary School上海市私立文昌小學Educational facility909 BOONE ROAD
755Wuxi Native Place Association Primary School無錫旅滬同郷会小學Educational facility232-5 TSEPOO ROAD
805Wang Rongchu Dental Clinic王榮初牙醫院Institutional site227 RACE COURSE ROAD
1037Wangdetang望徳堂Religious facility1220-2 AVENUE ROAD
1121Weishengtang衛生堂Religious facility1622 AVENUE ROAD
1124Wanguo Funeral Parlor萬國殯儀館Site of memory207 KIAOCHOW ROAD
1154Wing On Cotton Factory永安公司紡織廠Industrial site491 MARKHAM ROAD
1159Wenhua Junior High School文化中學Educational facility702 GORDON ROAD
1184Wuxi School of National Studies無錫國學専修学校Educational facility850 FERRY ROAD
1208Wenhua Junior High School文化中學Educational facility809/811 TONQUIN ROAD
1209Wax FactoryIndustrial site3 ROBISON ROAD
1237Weather (Gutzlaf) Tower氣象信號塔Institutional siteBUND ROAD / QUAI DE FRANCE
1282World Theater世界大戲院Recreational facility249 QINGYUN
1312Wayside Road Police Station巡捕房Administrative facility21 WAYSIDE ROAD
1317Wayside Wharf匯山碼頭Transportation features100 YANGTSZEPOO ROAD
1358Workers' Club of the Commercial Press商務印書館工人俱樂部Recreational facility300 ZHONGXING
1369Wusong-Shanghai Train Station吳淞鐵路上海車站Transportation features?? NORTH HONAN ROAD
1376Wannian'an萬年庵Religious facility143 TANZIWAN
1442West Shanghai Church滬西禮拜堂Religious facility1465 CHANGNING
1444Wutian Taishun YusuoRecreational facility?? XI?ANBANG
1526Wujia Garden吳家花園Recreational facility?? MACLEOD ROAD
1562Wuzhou Pharmaceutical Factory No. 2Industrial site176 LING-SEN (WESTERN)
1595Water Tower水塔Industrial site626 BAOSHAN ROAD
1631Willie's Theater威利大戯院Recreational facility408 CHAPOO ROAD
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