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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
65Hengmao Primary School恒茂小學Educational facility95-84 RUE MARCO POLO
76Hualong Native-Medicine Hospital華隆中醫院Institutional site50 RUE AMIRAL BAYLE
100Hongkou Maternity Hospital Dispensary虹口産科醫院分診部Institutional site40-10 ROUTE PORTE DE L'OUEST
113Huanan Primary School華南小學Educational facility237 RUE DU MARCHE
176Huaguo Primary School華國小學校Educational facility462 AVENUE JOFFRE
177Huadong Junior High School for Girls華東女子中學Educational facility462 AVENUE JOFFRE
193Hualong Primary School華龍小學校Educational facility56-25 ROUTE VOYRON
215Haixing Primary School私立海星小學Educational facility630 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
216Heude Museum博物院Institutional site225 AVENUE DUBAIL
240Huaguang Primary School華廣小學校Educational facility284/286 ROUTE CASSINI
299Huaying Junior High School for Girls私立華英女子中學Educational facility275-22 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
329Haiguang Primary School海光小學Educational facility425 ROUTE RAYMOND TENANT DE LA TOUR
355Hongqiao Nursing Home虹橋療養院Institutional site992 AVENUE JOFFRE
356Hongqiao (Hung Jao) SanatoriumInstitutional site988 AVENUE JOFFRE
363Hanray MansionsResidential site1160 AVENUE JOFFRE
372Huixin Primary School恵心小學Educational facility660 ROUTE BOURGEAT
398Huaijiu Junior High School for Girls懐久女子中學Educational facility77 ROUTE PICHON
421Hospital for Women and Children婦孺醫院Institutional site850 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
436Hospital of the Russian Orthodox ConfraternityInstitutional site230 ROUTE DE SAY-ZOONG
480HazelwoodMilitary facility72 ROUTE PAUL LEGENDRE
526Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation匯豐銀行Commercial establishment12 BUND ROAD
547Hamilton HouseResidential site170 KIANGSE ROAD
607Hengli Bank恒利銀行Commercial establishment100 TIENTSIN ROAD
612Hongmiao虹廟Religious facility496 NANKING ROAD
625Hospital醫院Institutional site138-12 HOOPEH ROAD
633Hotel飯店Commercial establishment556 HANKOW ROAD
638Huangdaxian Temple黄大仙祠Religious facility10 KOOKA LUNG
660Hospital醫院Institutional site56 CHEFOO ROAD
687Hospital醫院Institutional site667 HANKOW ROAD
691Huanghou Theater皇后大戯院Recreational facility290 YUYACHING ROAD
695Hospital醫院Institutional site730 CANTON ROAD
713Hospital醫院Institutional site150 EDWARD ROAD
714Hospital醫院Institutional site721 CANTON ROAD
719Haining Road Police Station海寧路巡捕房Administrative facility830 HAINING ROAD
721Hospital植生醫院Institutional site768 HAINING ROAD
769Hospital醫院Institutional site29 CUNNINGHAM ROAD
780Hospital上海急救時疫医院Institutional site240 NORTH THIBET ROAD
789Huanghou Theater皇后劇院Recreational facility1 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
791Hospital for Infectious Diseases時疫醫院Institutional site25 YUYACHING ROAD
798Hospital醫院Institutional site17-90 LUNGMEN ROAD
799Hospital醫院Institutional site1002 EDWARD VII ROAD
807Huguang School私立滬光學校Educational facility34 AVENUE FOCH
808Hebei Hospital河北醫院Institutional site48 AVENUE FOCH
815Hospital醫院Institutional site1325 AVENUE EDWARD VII
819Huichun Hospital回春醫院Institutional site387 RACE COURSE ROAD
822Hospital醫院Institutional site334 AVENUE FOCH
823Huade Vocational Continuation School華徳補習學校Educational facility128-19 CHENGTU ROAD
829Hospital醫院Institutional site504-3 AVENUE FOCH
830Hospital醫院Institutional site74 YATES ROAD
835Huguo Buddhist Temple護國禅寺Religious facility101 MANDALAY ROAD
864Hospital醫院Institutional site80 BURKILL ROAD
880Hospital醫院Institutional site415 BURKILL ROAD
898Hospital醫院Institutional site508 BURKILL ROAD
899Hospital醫院Institutional site578 BURKILL ROAD
902Hezhong Junior High School和衷中學Educational facility597-5 CHENGTU ROAD
920Hospital醫院Institutional site154 SINZA ROAD
921Hospital醫院Institutional site130 AVENUE ROAD
922Hospital醫院Institutional site136 AVENUE ROAD
923Huimin Primary School恵民小學Educational facility17-4 WENCHOW ROAD
924Huimin Primary School恵民小學Educational facility82-50 WENCHOW ROAD
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