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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
31Taiyuan Theater太原坊維Recreational facility401-6 AVENUE EDWARD VII
84Taicang Normal School太倉師範學校Educational facility412-5 RUE AUGUSTE BOPPE
155Tonghui Primary School私立通恵小學Educational facility253 RUE BRENIER DE MONTMORAND
184Tongyi Primary School同義小學Educational facility139 ROUTE RATARD
285Tongyi Primary and Junior High School同義中小學校Educational facility408 ROUTE RATARD
324Temple寺廟Religious facility597 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
365The Sino-Foreign Clinic中西療養院Institutional site536 ROUTE BOURGEAT
404Tennis Court上海網球場Recreational facility1131 AVENUE JOFFRE
580Trinity Church教堂Religious facility210 HANKOW ROAD
620Tian'an Protestant Church天安堂基督教Religious facility137 SHANTUNG ROAD
635Tianxiang Theater天香大戯院Recreational facility405 TIENTSIEN ROAD
640Tea Merchants Professional Association (Chaye Gonghui)茶業公會Community facility54 KOOKA LUNG
654Tung Kai Bank WarehouseCommercial establishment881 SOOCHOW ROAD
670Tongci Hospital醫院Institutional site46 LLOYD ROAD
688TheaterRecreational facilityFOOCHOW ROAD / KIANGSE ROAD
693Tianchan Dancing Hall天蟾舞台Recreational facility701 FOOCHOW ROAD
735Taoist Temple真達道院Religious facility365-20 NORTH HONAN ROAD
761Tianhou Temple天后宮Religious facility?? NORTH HONAN ROAD
771Taoke Hospital陶斗内科Institutional site297 NORTH FOKIEN ROAD
775Tianhougong Primary School天后宮小學Educational facility88-5 YUQINGLI LONG
783Temple益壽寺下院Religious facility121 KANSUH ROAD
801Tianfang Hospital天方醫院Institutional site83-6 YUYACHING ROAD
809Tongyi Primary School同義小學校Institutional site50/54 AVENUE FOCH
814Temple上壽堂Religious facility1329/1331 AVENUE EDWARD VII
901Temple寺廟Religious facility487 AVENUE ROAD
936Temple寺廟Religious facility74 TSINGTAO ROAD
938Temple寺廟Religious facility856 CHENGTU ROAD
942Temple寺廟Religious facility1073 CHENGTU ROAD
972Telegraph Office電報局Information & communication145 MARKHAM ROAD
1060Temple寺廟Religious facility418 HART ROAD
1197Tianshengtang天生堂Religious facility5232 ROBINSON ROAD
1211Textile Company紡織廠Industrial site10 MACAO ROAD
1216Textile Factory紡織廠Industrial site37 WEST SOOCHOW ROAD
1256Temple of City God (Chenghuangmiao)城隍廟Religious facility200 FUYOU ROAD
1258Temple of Confucius文廟Religious facility? TO COMPLETE
1279Tiantong'an Train Station天通庵站Transportation features?? TIANTONG'AN
1280Tiantong Temple天通庵Religious facility658 TIANTONG'AN
1296Tongwen School同文書局Educational facility427 EAST SEWARD ROAD
1299Thomas Hanbury School for Girls漢壁禮蒙女堂Educational facility147 BOONE ROAD
1316Tilanqiao Prison提籃橋監獄Institutional site147 CHANGYANG
1337Tongmenghui Central Section同盟會中部Community facility61 NORTH CHEKIANG ROAD
1340Tongren Fuyuantang Cemetery同仁輔元堂義塚Site of memory?? KANSUH ROAD
1373Tongyi Silk Factory統益紗廠Industrial site10 MACAO ROAD
1397Taiyang Temple太陽廟Religious facility621 DATONG
1473Taizhou Guild台州公所Community facility25 SINCHIAO ROAD
1505Tongren Fuyuantang同仁輔元堂Community facility2 FUYUANTANG
1534Temple寺廟Religious facility2853 LONGHUA LU
1553Tushanwan Cimutang Orphanage土山灣慈母堂孤兒院Community facility448 CAOXI BEILU
1556Toa Doin Shobun東亞同文書院Educational facility?? LESHAN / ?? HUNGJAO
1589Taoshan Dancing Hall桃山Recreational facility183 DONGBAOXING
1603Thomas Hanbury School for BoysEducational facility102 HASKELL ROAD
1632Tokiwakan Hotel (Japanese)常盤館Commercial establishment?? WUTSIN ROAD
1644Tatsumiya Hotel (Japanese)辰已屋旅館Commercial establishment37 YUHANG
1699Tianhou Temple天后宮Religious facility?? LAODAIDU LU
1705Tongji University同濟大學Educational facility1239 SIPING
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