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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
23Jinde Junior High School for Girls進徳女子中学Educational facility145 RUE TOURANE
52Jinrong Primary School金榮小學校Educational facility20 RUE ORIOU
74Jinlong People's Clinic晋隆平民醫院Institutional site78/80 RUE LEMAIRE
90Jingshantang静善堂Community facility172-1 AVENUE JOFFRE
117Junior High School中學Educational facility41 ROUTE PERE DUGOUT
188Junior High School中學Educational facility56-1 ROUTE VOYRON
233Jiangsu Women Jailhouse No. 2江蘇第二特區監獄女監Institutional site22 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
234Jiangsu Supreme Court - Branch No. 3江蘇高等法院第三分院Administrative facility22 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
235Jiangsu Shanghai Judicial Court No. 2江蘇上海第二特區地方法院Administrative facility59 ROUTE STANISLAS CHEVALIER
246Jiangsu Jailhouse No. 2江蘇上海第二特區監獄Institutional site285 RUE MASSENET
256Junior High School中學Educational facility36 RUE MOLIERE
266Junior High School中學Educational facility700 AVENUE JOFFRE
269Jiuxing Theater九星大戯院Recreational facility359 AVENUE FOCH
305Jiangsu Province Supreme Court No. 3江蘇高等法院第三分院Administrative facility23-8/23-12 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
310Junior High School中學Educational facility57 ROUTE HERVE SIEYES (ZENKA LONG)
311Jiangsu Provincial Junior High School江蘇省立上海中學第二部Educational facility95 AVENUE VICTOR EMMANUEL III
366Junior High School中學Educational facility80 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
381Jihua Hospital濟華醫院Institutional site807 ROUTE RATARD
412Joseph Tennis ClubRecreational facility400 ROUTE HERVE DE SIEYES
439Jingjiang Junior High School京江中學校Educational facility90 ROUTE MONSEIGNEUR MARESCA
476Junior High School中學Educational facility52 ROUTE JEROME WINLING
490Jianwen Primary School健文小學Educational facility320-13 ROUTE PROSPER PARIS
515Jardine Matheson & Company怡和洋行Commercial establishment27 BUND ROAD
557Jaya China Japan插華輪船公司Commercial establishment133 SZECHUEN ROAD
589Japanese Trading CompanyCommercial establishment166 NANKING ROAD
644Jinlong Sidawang Temple金龍四大王廟Religious facility1/9 AMOY ROAD
662Junior High School中學Educational facility770 NEWCHWANG ROAD
668Jiangzhe Hospital醫院Institutional site76 LLYOD ROAD
746Jixiang Temple吉祥寺Religious facility204 TSEPOO ROAD
752Junhuaju Shantang峻化聚善堂Religious facility784 BOONE ROAD
777Jiangsu Provincial Supreme Court - Branch No. 2江蘇高等法院第二分院Administrative facility191 NORTH CHEKIANG ROAD
794Jiren Hospital濟仁醫院Institutional site87 RACE COURSE ROAD
824Jiangsu Province Supreme Court No. 2江蘇高等法院第二分院Administrative facility200-22 CHENGTU ROAD
839Jigongguan季公館Commercial establishment274-7 CHENGTU ROAD
851Jianghai Primary School江海小學校Educational facility318 WEIHAIWEI ROAD
869Jingtuan Temple浄土庵Religious facility52 KULING ROAD
879Jianxing University健行大學Educational facility460 CHENGTU ROAD
910Junior High School中學Educational facility20 WONGKASHAW GARDENS
951Jingde Primary School景徳小學Educational facility370 TATUNG ROAD
985Junior High School中學Educational facility707-50 AVENUE ROAD
1015Jingyun Vocational Continuation School上海景雲補習學校Educational facility1215 AVENUE ROAD
1025Jianhua Industrial School建華工業學校Educational facility970 AVENUE ROAD
1026Jianhua Professional Junior High School建華職業中學Educational facility970 AVENUE ROAD
1046Junior High School No. 2 of Datong University大同大學付属中学第二校舎Educational facility1340 SINZA ROAD
1049Junior High School中學Educational facility629 SEYMOUR ROAD
1053Junior High School中學Educational facility?? WUTING ROAD
1055Jiangcheng Primary School江城小學Educational facility?? WUTING ROAD
1077Junior High School中學Educational facility1456 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1109Jing'ansi Temple靜安寺Religious facility1686 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1110Junior High School中學Educational facility68 YUYUEN ROAD
1130Junior High School中學Educational facility445 KIAOCHOW ROAD
1137Junior High School中學Educational facility952 WUTING ROAD
1146Junior High School中學Educational facility359 CONNAUGHT ROAD
1150Jianxing Junior High School健行中學Educational facilityCONNAUGHT ROAD / TONQUIN ROAD
1152Junior High School中學Educational facilityCONNAUGHT ROAD / TONQUIN ROAD
1153Junior High School for Refugees上海難童初級中學Educational facilityCONNAUGHT ROAD / TONQUIN ROAD
1165Jingxindesi Temple敬心徳寺Religious facility538/540 CONNAUGHT ROAD
1173Japanese Primary School西部日本人小学校Educational facilityCHANGPING ROAD / KIAOCHOW ROAD
1175Jinghua Primary and Junior High School競華中小學Educational facility527 HAIPHONG ROAD
1178Jinke Junior High School金科中學Educational facility754 KIAOCHOW ROAD
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