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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
19Restaurant菜館Commercial establishment156 RUE DU CONSULAT
26Renyi Charity Organization仁義善會Community facility66 RUE HUE
67Residential ComplexResidential site69 RUE MARCO POLO
92Renji Shantang (Wood Storage)仁濟善堂施材棧Religious facility77 RUE BLUNTSCHLI
208Ren'ai Association Headquarters仁愛會總院Community facility149 AVENUE DUBAIL
219Residential ComplexResidential site?? AVENUE DUBAIL
253Recoletos Procuration修徳堂Religious facility6 RUE MOLIERE
254Renhe Hospital人和醫院Institutional site36 RUE MOLIERE
275Red Cross Shanghai Branch世界紅卍字會上海分會Community facility276-14 ROUTE BOURGEAT
277Red Cross世界紅卍字會Community facility429 ROUTE RATARD
294Residential ComplexResidential site273 ROUTE BOURGEAT
297Radio Technical Corporation - AmericaEducational facility359 ROUTE CARDINAL MERCIER
314Residential Complex步高里Residential site170 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
335Rongyuan Primary School榮園小學校Educational facility315 ROUTE RAYMOND TENANT DE LA TOUR
336Rongyuan Junior High School榮遠中學校Educational facility343 ROUTE RAYMOND TENANT DE LA TOUR
348Residential ComplexResidential site341/371 AVENUE DU ROI ALBERT
352Russian Club for Army Pensioneers退職軍官倶樂部Recreational facility1260 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
369Residential ComplexResidential site877 AVENUE FOCH
377Residential ComplexResidential site698 ROUTE BOURGEAT
378Residential ComplexResidential site741 ROUTE RATARD
382Residential ComplexResidential site210 ROUTE AMIRAL COURBET
385Russian ClubRecreational facility1053 AVENUE FOCH
390Residential ComplexResidential site4/44 ROUTE DE GROUCHY
426Residential Complex建業里Residential site440 ROUTE JOSEPH FRELUPT
438Residential ComplexResidential site179 ROUTE ALFRED MAGY
456Residential Complex上海新村Residential site1479 AVENUE JOFFRE
474Radium InstituteEducational facility1729 AVENUE JOFFRE
549Robert Dollar BuildingCommercial establishment51 CANTON ROAD
632Restaurant餐館Commercial establishment556 FOOCHOW ROAD
641Restaurant餐館Commercial establishment423 TIENTSIN ROAD
661Rialto Theater麗都大戯院Recreational facility239 KWEICHOW ROAD
711Renji Shantang Temple仁濟善堂Religious facility35 YUNNAN ROAD
725Refugee Relief Association - Branch難民救濟分會Community facility529 RANGE ROAD
740Refugee Camp No. 2難民第二収容所Institutional site834 BOONE ROAD
784Refugee Camp上海慈願難民収容所Institutional siteKANSUH ROAD
788Race Course跑馬場Recreational facilityRACE COURSE ROAD
790Race Club跑馬俱樂部Recreational facility304 MOHAWK ROAD
797Renji Orphanage仁濟育嬰堂Institutional site173-175 RACE COURSE ROAD
806Race Course ApartmentsResidential site225/227 RACE COURSE ROAD
838Race Course Stables跑馬廳馬房Recreational facility243 MOHAWK ROAD
931Renhe Kindergarten for Girls人和女子小學附設幼稚園Educational facility310-3 MYBURGH ROAD
973Rickshaw Pullers Mutual Aid Association上海人力车夫协助会288 MARKHAM ROAD
999Russian Newspaper俄文報紙Recreational facility616/622 AVENUE FOCH
1009Residential ComplexResidential siteBUBBLING WELL ROAD / MEDHURST ROAD
1042Refugee Camp難民營Institutional site1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1059Refugee Camp難民収容所Institutional site418 HART ROAD
1103Residence of Elly KadoorieResidential site1783 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1169Refugee Camp上海難民第二収容所Institutional site?? YENPING ROAD
1180Refugee Camp収容所Institutional site?? SINGAPORE ROAD
1193Residential ComplexResidential site?? ROBISON ROAD
1230Residential Complex北桜華里Residential siteHART ROAD / ROBISON ROAD
1232Residential Complex南桜華里Residential siteHART ROAD / ROBISON ROAD
1276Rokusan Garden六三園Recreational facility230 XIJIANGWAN
1352Renshan Catholic School for Girls天主堂 仁善女學校Educational facility226 BAOSHAN ROAD
1368Railway Bridge铁路桥Transportation featuresHONAN -BRIDGE (SUZHOU HE)-
1618Ritz Theater融光大戲院Recreational facility330 HAINING ROAD
1676Rowing ClubRecreational facility76 SOOCHOW ROAD
4138Rickshaw Pullers Mutual Aid Association上海人力车夫协助会230 DONG JIAXING 东嘉兴路
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