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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
867Longmen Primary and Junior High School龍門中小學校Educational facility34 KULING ROAD
796Longxing Temple龍興禅寺Religious facility954 AVENUE EDWARD VII
705Public Bath龍泉浴室Commercial establishment137-12 CHEKIANG ROAD
72Crystal Theater黄金大戯院Recreational facility1 RUE KRAETZER
731Ophtalmology Clinic黄色一山眼科Institutional site720 HAINING ROAD
638Huangdaxian Temple黄大仙祠Religious facility10 KOOKA LUNG
1535Huangjia Garden黃家花園Recreational facility2660 LONGHUA LU
1213Flour Mill麵粉廠Industrial site126 MOKANSHAN ROAD
1214Flour Mill麵粉廠Industrial site126 MOKANSHAN ROAD
978Lido Dancing Hall and Swimming Pool麗都花園舞廰及游泳池Recreational facility306 MEDHURST ROAD
661Rialto Theater麗都大戯院Recreational facility239 KWEICHOW ROAD
1521Libo Garden麗波花園Recreational facility177 PERSHING
1513Li Park (Liyuan)麗園Military facility279 ROUTE DE ZIKAWEI
1244Hongyunlou鴻運樓Commercial establishment156 RUE DU CONSULAT
1381Hongzhang Cotton Weaving and Deying Factory鴻章紡織染厰Industrial site381 MARKHAM ROAD
1596Hongde Temple鴻徳堂Religious facility19 ??
443Advanced Professional School for Nurses高級護士職業學校Educational facility363 AVENUE HAIG
1035Advanced Midwife School高級序助産學校Educational facility293 GORDON ROAD
394Gaolang Hospital高朗醫院Institutional site175 ROUTE MAYEN
743Gaoming Temple高明寺Religious facility312-4 TSEPOO ROAD
406Suiren Hospital髄仁醫院Institutional site1325 ROUTE LAFAYETTE
118Public Bath香泉浴室Commercial establishment70 ROUTE PERE DUGOUT
632Restaurant餐館Commercial establishment556 FOOCHOW ROAD
641Restaurant餐館Commercial establishment423 TIENTSIN ROAD
699Yangxin Primary School養心小学Educational facility109-2 KWANGSE ROAD
633Hotel飯店Commercial establishment556 HANKOW ROAD
1295Shuntai Wharf順泰碼頭Transportation features378 EAST BROADWAY ROAD
1096Bubbling Well Road Cemetery靜安寺路外國公墓Site of memory1649 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
1114Bubbling Well Road Police Station靜安寺巡捕房Administrative facility172 YUYUEN ROAD
1109Jing'ansi Temple靜安寺Religious facility1686 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
90Jingshantang静善堂Community facility172-1 AVENUE JOFFRE
894Qinghua School青華學校Educational facility428 BURKILL ROAD
32YMCA青年會Community facility123 BOULEVARD DE MONTIGNY
593YMCA Headquarters青年會Community facility460 KIANGSE ROAD
594YMCA青年會Community facility?? HONGKONG ROAD
595YMCA青年會Community facility?? HONGKONG ROAD
601YMCA青年會Community facility131 MUSEUM ROAD
186Qingnian Junior High School青年中學Educational facility34 ROUTE VALLON
478Qingdao (Football) Association青島球會Recreational facility??
58Zhendong Primary School震東小學Educational facility93-13 RUE BUISSONNET
263Aurora College for Women震旦女子文理學院Educational facility181 ROUTE BOURGEAT
242Aurora University - Sports Field震旦大學運動場Educational facility280 AVENUE DUBAIL
213Aurora University Junior High School震旦大學付属中學Educational facility325 ROUTE DU PERE FROC
209Aurora University (Université Aurore)震旦大學Educational facility223 AVENUE DUBAIL
1476Aurora Museum震旦博物館Administrative facility225 AVENUE DUBAIL
1555Movie Company電影公司Commercial establishment?? SAN? (8065)
972Telegraph Office電報局Information & communication145 MARKHAM ROAD
1302Power Company Station電力公司Industrial site417 FEARON ROAD
397Ecole Municipale Française-Ecole Rémy (French Municipal School)雷米小學Educational facility209 ROUTE REMI
740Refugee Camp No. 2難民第二収容所Institutional site834 BOONE ROAD
1042Refugee Camp難民營Institutional site1010-15 SINZA ROAD
725Refugee Relief Association - Branch難民救濟分會Community facility529 RANGE ROAD
803Committee for Refugee Relief難民救済協會同?組Community facility16 LUNGMEN ROAD
1059Refugee Camp難民収容所Institutional site418 HART ROAD
1000Hospital for Refugee Children難民児童醫院Institutional site65 MOULMEIN ROAD
472Georgia Apartments集雅公寓Residential site311/331 AVENUE PETAIN
1624General Headquarters of the Japanese Army陸戰隊租界部隊本部Military facility10 HANNEN ROAD
1289Japanese Military Hospital陸戰隊病舍Institutional site2181 NORTH SZECHUEN ROAD
1576Barracks - Japanese Army Headquarters陸戰隊司令官宿舍Military facility216 TOLUN
813Lujia Buddhist Temple陸家観音堂Religious facility234/244 AVENUE FOCH
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