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Building ID English name Chinese Name Main Type Address 
9Qiande Primary School私立潜徳小學Educational facility8 RUE LAGUERRE
43Qinde Primary School for Girls勤徳女子小學Educational facility562-38 BOULEVARD DES DEUX REPUBLIQUES
46Qinru Primary School清如小學Educational facility59-1 RUE VOISIN
158Quzhibu Hospital醫院Institutional site480 RUE AUGUSTE BOPPE
186Qingnian Junior High School青年中學Educational facility34 ROUTE VALLON
223Qunhua Primary School群化學校Educational facility7/11 ROUTE CONTY
387Qiuzhi Primary School私立求智小學Educational facility56 ROUTE DE GROUCHY
478Qingdao (Football) Association青島球會Recreational facility??
636Qianjiang Primary School銭江小學Educational facility430-1 NINGPO ROAD
637Qianjiang Guild銭江會館Community facility430-1 NINGPO ROAD
663Qingliang清涼寺Religious facility764 NEWCHWANG ROAD
738Qianjiang Guild錢江會館 (戰時為難民収容所(上海組合救災會難民救濟分會第一収容所、Community facility752 BOONE ROAD
774Qunying Primary School群英小學Educational facility106-6 YUQINGLI LOONG
846Qingxin Junior High School for Girls清心女子中學校Educational facility591-5 BUBBLING WELL ROAD
894Qinghua School青華學校Educational facility428 BURKILL ROAD
953Qiude Junior High School for Girls求徳女子女子中學Educational facility565-16 SINZA ROAD
1044Qingliang Chansi清涼禪寺Religious facility1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1111Qijiang Professional Junior High School岐江職業中学Educational facility68 YUYUEN ROAD
1248Qinlihui Jiaotang浸禮會教堂Religious facility145/149 RUE TOURANE
1391Qingliang Chansi清涼禪寺Religious facility1010-15 SINZA ROAD
1416Qunzhi University群治大學Educational facility?? ROBISON ROAD
1430Qishan Apartments岐山邨Residential site1032 YUYUAN ROAD
1469Quzhenren Temple瞿真人廟Religious facility?? CHUMEN ROAD
1487Qingxin Middle School for Girls清心女中學Educational facility490 LUCHIAPANG ROAD
1489Qingxin Temple清心堂Religious facility30 DAFOCHANG
1601Qiu Jin's Residence秋瑾舊居Residential site1515 NORTH SZECHUEN ROAD
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