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Building ID788
English nameRace Course
Chinese Name跑馬場
Date Construction1862
Main TypeRecreational facility
Sub TypeSport facility
Sub Type (L3)Racecourse
Pos X354192.7098
Pos Y3456385.5527
Images from this Building (31 results)

Shanghai racecourse

Grand Stand at the racecourse

At the racecourse

At the racecourse

The racecourse stand

A car show at the Racecourse

Racecourse Club

Bird's-eye view of Shanghai

Stand at the racecourse


Review of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps at the Horse Race-ground.

Early Horse Racecourse

At the racecourse

Celebration for the incoronation of George VI King of England

Polo match at the Public Recreation Ground

Race Club and Public Recreation Ground

Early Horse Racecourse

Shanghai International Racecourse

Rugby match at the Public Recreation Ground

Bird's-eye view of the Public Recreation Ground and surroundings

Horse race

Foreigners at the bowls competition in the Racecourse

Shanghai Racecourse

Back View of the Public Stand and Administration Building of the Shanghai Racecourse

Racecourse and Race Club

Racecourse in front of the Foreign YMCA and China United Buildings

Park Hotel, Racecourse and straw hut: a photomontage

View of the Racecourse and buildings skyline in the background

View of the southern section of the Racecourse

View of the Racecourse and buildings skyline in the background

Sport activity on a Racecourse sport field
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787/1803 results        
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