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Hu you za ji 沪游杂记1989Ge, Yuanxu 葛元煦
Histoire de la Mission du Kiang-nan Tome I - Jusqu'à l'établissement d'un vicaire apostolique jésuite (1840-1856)1914De la Servière, J.
Histoire de la Mission du Kiang-nan Tome II - Mgr Borgniet (1856-1862) Mgr Languillat (1864-1878)1914De la Servière, J.
Histoire de la Concession française de Shanghai1899Fauvel, A.-A.
Histoire de la concession française de Changhai1929Maybon, Charles B; Fredet, Jean
Hu cheng bei kao 滬城備考1878Chu Hua 褚華
Hu zu jie qian hou jing guo gai yao 滬租界前後經過概要1969Wang, Zhenshan 王臻善
Huanghe bian de Zhongguo 黄河边的中国2000Huang, Jinqing 黄锦清
Hui se Shanghai, 1937-1945-- Zhongguo wen ren de yin tui, fan kang yu he zuo 灰色上海,1937-1945, 中国文人的隐退、反抗与合作2012Fu, Baoshi 傅葆石
Hu jinquan tan dian ying 胡金铨谈电影2011Hu, Jinquan 胡金铨
Hu nan qu di ji tu 沪南区地籍图1933Tu di ju 土地局
Handbook on Japanese military forces, 19441944U.S. War Department
Hu Du Jiu Ying 沪渎旧影2002Zhang, Wei 张伟

This book consists of fifty-five articles, brimming with the rich cultural atmosphere of old Shanghai, known as the 'Haipai' culture. The author has been engaged in the compilation and research of bibliographic materials for a long time, allowing access to a plethora of precious and rare original documents. As a result, many of the selected topics related to culture, cinema, and publishing take unique and unexplored paths, offering significant historical value. The prose is elegant and flows gracefully, making readers feel as if they are transported to the bygone era of modern times. Each article is accompanied by multiple historical photographs relevant to the content, which are the fruits of the author's years of curation, research, and collection, adding numerous highlights to the text.


He You Zhi Hua Lao Shang Hai 贺友直画老上海2010He,Youzhi 贺友直


"Shikumen, Balemen, Huangbaoche, newspaper vendors, flower sellers, shoemakers... These scenes and characters are familiar to those who know 'Old Shanghai.' During the Golden Week of the National Day holiday in October, Mr. He Youzhi, a famous traditional Chinese painter and a luminary in the world of comic strips, has created nearly a hundred meticulous Chinese paintings depicting the customs and traditions of old Shanghai in recent years. These works reanimate the old Shanghai style, unlocking the memories of countless 'Old Shanghai'.

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