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City Guides, and descriptions of Tientsin, Shanghai, Peking, Hangschow, Tsinan, Hongkong, Tsingtao, Canton, Nanking1924
Chinese birthday, wedding, funeral, and other customs1923Cormack, J.G.
Chinese birthday, wedding, funeral, and other customs1927Cormack, J.G.
Cadastre - Plans des sections1902Concession française de ShanghaiThis is a reproduction in book form of the original 1902 cadastral map of the French Concession. Individual maps from this bound volume are also available in the Map Collection of the Virtual Shanghai platform.
Compte rendu de la gestion pour l'exercice 1893 - Budget 1894 1894Conseil d'administration municipale de la Concession française
Crossing empire's edge : Foreign Ministry police and Japanese expansionism in Northeast Asia2009Esselstrom, Erik
Chen Gongbo xian sheng san shi san shi yi nian wen cun 陳公博先生三十三十一年文存1944Chen, Gongbo 陳公博
Chen Gongbo xian sheng yan lun ji 陳公博先生言論集1940Chen, Gongbo 陳公博
Changde Kan Ri xue zhan shi 常德抗日血戰史1969Xu, Haoran 徐浩然
Chūnichi shanhai teisen oyobi nichihō tetsugun kyōtei 中日上海停戦及日方撤軍協定. 民国21年5月5日簽訂1932Chūka Minkoku Gyōseiin Gaikōbu 中華民国国民政府外交部編
Chūshi senryō chiku nōgyō keizai gaikan 中支占領地區農業經濟槪觀 1938Minami Manshū Tetsudō Kabushiki Kaisha Shanhai Jimusho 南滿洲鐵道株式會社上海事務所
Ci hang nan pu du 慈航难普渡2020Ruan, Qinghua 阮清华

This book focuses on the specific period of Shanghai's transformation from a traditional county town to a modern metropolis, with the development of folk charity as its main theme. For the first time, it systematically traces the historical development process of folk charity organizations in Shanghai and provides a classified description of the main charitable activities in the local community. It showcases how local gentry, merchants, and elites in Shanghai adapted traditional charitable ideas and philanthropic culture to meet the challenges of unprecedented changes, while also incorporating Western philanthropic thoughts and practices. Actively participating in urban construction and promoting Shanghai's urbanization process, they made significant contributions to the development of modern Shanghai.

本书立足于上海从传统县城向近代大都市转化这一特定时期, 以民间慈善事业的发展为主线,首次系统梳理了上海民间慈善组织产生以来的历史发展过程,并对上海民间慈善界的主要慈善活动进行了分类叙述,展现了上海地方绅商和精英们在面临三千年未有之变局的大背景下,改进传统慈善理念、慈善文化以适应新的局势,同时吸收西方慈善思想与具体做法,积极参与都市建设,推进上海都市化进程,为近代上海的发展作出了积极贡献。

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