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ID Family Name Given Name Field of Activity Date of birth 
145傅(Fu)道慧 (Dao Hui)Shanghai HistoryOct. 27,1924
146沈(shen)宏礼(Hong Li)Shanghai HistoryAug.7, 1941
62Chen 陈正书ZhengshuEducation30 November 1941
127Tang 唐振常ZhenchangHistory7 October 1922
173Ma 馬應彪YingbiaoBusiness1864
137WangYiUrbaniste01 juin 1987
114Yuan 袁燮铭XiemingHistory29 November 1950
172Wang 王曉籁XiaolaiBusiness17 January 1887
27KidnerWilliamArchitecture16 February 1841
40PalmerW. A. L.Shanghai Municipal Police (1913-16)
65CrellinThomas FrankPhotography and cinematography20 January 1883
126Homen de CarvalhoTerri
155NusRenéMilitary (French Army)4 May 1913
103Wu 吴乾兌Qianrui5 May 1932
66Li 李 平書PingshuBusiness1854
118Jiang 姜沛南PeinanHistory29 March 1919
188MelnikoffMichael (Misha)Photography20 November 1908
33KauffmanMarkPress Photography
136RosholtMalcolmJournalism, history and photography28 September 1907
159Kung Tai (Gong Tai)Kung Tai (Gong Tai)Photography
185de Reviers de MaunyJosephReligion
115Ni 倪静兰JinglanHistory
58RicaltonJames A.Photography13 May 1844
15BirnsJackPress Photography1919
67Li 李华兴HuaxingEducation3 February 1933
154HeftHerbert PaulBusiness8 March 1908
190Cartier-BressonHenriPhotography22 August 1908
20SwireGeorge WarrenBusiness27 May 1883
18KrainukovGeorgePress Photography
37SilkGeorgePress Photography
63WakemanFrederic Jr.Education12 December 1937
28PolitzerEricIndependent scholar
176DrewEdward BangsShanghai Customs1843
123MennieDonaldBusiness and photography1875-76
153BerruyerClaudeMechanic in the French Navy15 Avril 1915
38DarwentCharles EwartEcclesiastic and photography1858
36Chusseau-Flaviens (Agence de presse)CharlesPress agency
31MydansCarlPress Photography
19FuBingchangDiplomacy and politics1895
41FiddamentArthur LeonardRoyal Air Force (British)1896
174HatherlyArthur Hume
17Shanghai Municipal CouncilAdministration
23Underwood & Underwood PublishersPhotography
24Ming, Sze-yuen [Photo Studio]Photography
29Akasawa Fine Art Co.Publishing
30Denniston & SullivanBusiness
64 results (1/2 pages)     12       
filter by Name  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [all] 
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