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NameClaude Berruyer
Family NameBerruyer
Given NameClaude
Field of ActivityMechanic in the French Navy
Date of birth15 Avril 1915
Place of birthMoirans
Date of death26 septembre 2009,
Biographical informationClaude Berruyer  was born on 15.04.1915 in Grenoble, Isere, in a family of farmers and workers. After learning various trades like locksmith, turner, fitter, art ironwork and mechanic, he felt the call of the sea and joined the navy. He boarded the battleship Courbet as a mechanic. Good work earned him the rank of master mechanic. The chief enginee , Mr. Dejean proposed to him to join a sea campaign. He joined the Lamotte Picquet, the flagship of  Admiral Degout who then represented France in the Middle East. In 1937-1937, he toured several East Asian countries under the command of vice-admiral Jules le Bigot on the Lamotte Picquet.

Claude Berruyer was also a passionate photographer who took more than 1,000 pistures during his two years on board French ships in East Asia.

Upon returning from his long cruise, Claude Berruyr joined the marine fire brigade in Marseille. In 1942, he was involved in the résistance.  Under the alias "Mle 63", he participated in numerous operations against the German army. His actions  and participation in various resistance groups earned him numerous distinctions :

The Military Medal
Cross the Combatant
The Cross Volunteer Fighter ,
The Cross of the Voluntary Combatant of the Resistance
The Commemorative Medal 39-45

In 1951, he retired from the Navy and took up a job in the Merchant Navy as an engineer  until the age of 55 in 1970. Claude also worked as a guard at the Sedis Saint Simeon Bressieux until 1977. He passed away on 26 September 2009 at the advanced age of 94 .
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Commercial street scene 商業市街

General view of the Bund (1937) 上海外灘

Nanking Road, looking East (1937)

Night view of Bubbling Well Road along the Shanghai Racecourse 跑馬場之夜景

Night view of the Bund

Night view of the Cathay Hotel-Sassoon House 夜景沙孫公館

Night view of the famous Shanghai department stores 上海百貨公司之夜景

Tramway and cars on Nanking Road

Truck and bus on a flooded street

View of a commercial street

View of Nanking Road (1937) 南京路

View of Nanking Road, corner of Thibet Road 南京路

View of Soochow Creek looking East 蘇州河

View of the Bund and Huangpu River (looking north)

View of the Bund and Huangpu River form the French Concession

View of the Bund from the war memorial (1937) 上海外灘

View of traffic and shops on Nanjing Road
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