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Image ID33107
TitleBombed building in 1937
LocationShanghai IS
DateFriday 29 October 1937
PhotographerHatherly, Arthur Hume
Caption in album or on mountNote on back of photograph: Taken 29.10.1937:- This is the property I removed furniture from 20th – 23rd Sept.  Since, about 20th October, set on fire by the Japs in order to attack the tall bldg behind (Pantheon Theatre) occupied by Ch: troops.
The property belongs to an old Ch: lady and registered in my name – hence my interest.  It is just inside the north boundary of the Settlement – the theatre being just outside – as you will see from the other photo (2). Pass on to Nan. [Signed A. H. H. 2.11.39.]
Image typeBlack and white photograph
Material form
of image
Source Format & ResolutionJPEG 300dpi
Note(s) Note Nan was A. H. H.’s daughter (born in 1920) who left Shanghai with her mother on 23 July 1935.
Keyword(s) [en]building ; war ; bombing
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