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TitleOffice buildings
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
LocationShanghai IS
Caption in album or on mountManuscript on the back of the photograph: "These Buildings were designed by and erected under the supervision of Mr. F. G. Drewitt while in the employ of Messrs Atkinson & Dallas of Shanghai"; Dated 14th October 1908, and signed Philip Peebles, Manager. FSI.
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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Private RepositoryRaymond Forward - Penzance, UK
Note(s)This photograph was commissioned by Frederick Drewitt to take back to Britain to show the work he had done in Shanghai. Mr. Drewitt worked in Shanghai for 7 years or so, before returning to Britain to join an architectural practice in Penzance, Cornwall UK. Mr. Drewitt is mentioned in a book about Penzance: [1] THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN AND BOROUGH OF PENZANCE - P.A.S. Poole. The Corporation of Penzance. - 1974 (page 201) for designing large detached houses in 1923, St John's House in 1934 and rebuilt bomb damaged houses in 1948. Mr. Drewitt passed away in 1958. These buildings were erected for the Shanghai Land Investment Co. Architecturally, the centre three buildings are of the same detailing and proportions. The building to the far left of the photograph is much older, as the brickwork and stone features are marred and discoloured by weathering. The white building at the end of the street is the German Concordia Club. On the opposite side of the street a building is still in bamboo scaffolding. Behind the two people sitting on the timbers on the pavement can be seen the leaves of a tree overhanging the pavement. It can safely be assumed that F G Drewitt was the architect of the three centre buildings.
Keyword(s) [en]building ; rickshaw ; horsecart ; Drewitt
Street nameJinkee
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