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Image ID15552
TitleHazelwood, Seymour Road, Shanghai
CollectionWarren Swire collection
Estimated date1900-1930s
PhotographerG. Warren Swire
Caption in album or on mount

Hazlewood and Seymour Rd

Image typeBlack and white photograph
Material form
of image

University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: sw01-020. G W Swire referenced each negative in this album with the prefix A written in white ink. This negative is referenced A17. The album itself has also been archived at some stage with the reference P2/II.  Hazelwood was a Butterfield and Swire property, sold in the 1930s.  The name and the furniture were transferred to a new house designed by William Clough-Ellis, which was opened in 1934.  Nowadays, Seymour Road is Shaanxi Bei lu.  See Sw07-040.

Keyword(s) [en]Swire ; city ; building ; garden ; Shanghai
SettingCorner of Seymour
Street nameHazlewood
HPC referencesw01-020
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