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Image ID15155
TitleBarricade under construction near the North Railway Station
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
PhotographerKarl Kengelbacher
Caption in album or on mountAll titles appear as they were listed on the document provided by the holder of this collection. Whenever a change has been made, the original title appears below. As a rule, all Chinese names have been turned in standard pinyin. "A tank barricade is beeing built in front of the entrance to the north railway station: In construction.:
Image typeBlack and white photograph
Material form
of image
Note(s)Picture taken on August 22. 1937. Another view of the same place with what appears to be anti-tank barricade on picture ID# 15156 (Anti-Tank barricade near the North Railway Station).
Keyword(s) [en]war ; building ; barricade ; house
Event description

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