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Image ID35284
TitlePortrait of Lin Jingshan (郎靜山)
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
Estimated date1921-1949
PhotographerSam Sanzetti (Sioma Lifshitz)
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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Source Format & ResolutionJPEG 72dpi

Source of image: Flickr account of the Israeli Consulate in Shanghai


Source Wikipedia: Lang Jingshan (Chinese: 郎靜山; 4 August 1892 – 13 April 1995), also romanized as Long Chin-san and Lang Ching-shan, was a pioneering photographer and one of the first Chinese photojournalists. He has been called "indisputably the most prominent figure in the history of Chinese art photography",[1] and the "Father of Asian Photography".[2] He joined the Royal Photographic Society in 1937 and gained his Associateship in 1940 and Fellowship in 1942.[3][4] and in 1980, the Photographic Society of America named him one of the world's top ten master photographers.[2] He was the first Chinese photographer to take artistic nude shots, and was also known for the unique "composite photography" technique he created.

Keyword(s) [en]portrait ; dress ; clothing ; Lang Jingshan
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