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TitlePortrait of Mrs. Hong Luoxia, now and then
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
PhotographerSam Sanzetti (Sioma Lifshitz)
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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Source of image: Flickr account of the Israeli Consulate in Shanghai

Comment in original source: Mrs. Hong Luoxia, today, alongside the photograph Sanzetti took of her in 1954 when she was just 17 years old. Although now in her 70s, Hong Luoxia clearly remembers the day as a 17-year-old, excited at receiving her first ballet costume, she had her picture taken by Jewish photographer, Sam Sanzetti, in Shanghai. Hong said she remembered Sanzetti could speak fluent Chinese and took time to photograph her in different poses.

 Sanzetti enlarged the photo and hung it in his studio window for weeks afterward. The ballet costume Hong Luoxia is wearing in the photograph was burned during the Cultural Revolution.

 Hong Luoxia was one of four Shanghai people featured among the collection of Sanzetti photos that the Israeli Consulate in Shanghai managed to track down after posting the pictures on a microblog. Hong did not pursue ballet stardom, but became an architectural designer after graduating from the city's Tongji University and went to Beijing to work with her husband until she retired.

Keyword(s) [en]woman ; ballet ; dancing ; dance ; Hong Luoxia
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