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TitleBank of China
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
LocationShanghai IS
DateFriday 26 October 1928
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Group: Financial Institution

Country: China

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Reo-organized October 26, 1928, under special charter of the National Government as an International Exchange Bank. Paid-Up Capital, $25,000,000. 

Head Office, 22 The Bund, Shanghai

Under its new Charter, the Bank of China is Privileged to Issu Banknotes and to act a a Government Depository. As th Official International Exchange Bank, we Take Pleasure in Announcing that we are now in a Unique Position to Promote and Foster the Ever-Growing Foreing Trade of New China. With our numerous Branches and Subranches throughout China and Correspondents in mot of the Important Commercial Cities of the World, we are able to extend to our Clients Banking and Exchange Facilities Indispensable for the Development of Trade on a Large Scale. 

Every Description of Banking Business Transacted: Interest Allowed on Current Accounts and Fixed Deposits. 

Chairman of the Board: LI MING

General Manager: CHIANG KIA-NGAU

Manager, Shanghai Branch: TSUYEE PEI. 

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