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TitleApartment in course of construction
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
DateWednesday 20 January 1932
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J.Arnold, C.A. - 1/20/32

China, building operations, materials - 14

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Note the twigs at the tops of the scaffolding surrounding a building under construction. This is a common practice among Chinese contractors and builders in keeping with the superstition that the aire above a two story building is the rightful abode of the spirits and any encroachments thereon will be resented by the spirits to the detriment of those guilty of the encroachment. Thus, the putting up of twigs on the ends of the scaffold is presumed to produce the appearance of a foesrt and fool the spirits into believing the scaffolind is a cluster of trees until after the rof is onthe house when it is safe against the penetration of evil spirits. 

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