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Image ID35066
TitleChinese nationalist soldiers hold onto an American motor car
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
DateTuesday 10 May 1927
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Group: Motor Vehicles

Country: China

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The Chinese are buying Willys-Overland Fine Motor Cars in the midst of Civil War. Here is a view of a Whipper Sedan purchased by one of a southern generals for his family's use. It was converted into a seven-passenger car with glass partition, then four handles were affixed to the top for the armed guards to hold onto, making it in effect an eleven-passenger car. The four Chinese character attached to the rear archway read in translation: "Down with the foreign imperialists - Return the concessions." The picture was taken at the Nationalist Army Headquarters at Lung Wha, about six miles south of Shanghai, and was forwarded to the "Overseas News" by Messrs. Longfellow and Adams, Shanghai distributors, through whose enterprise the Whippet was sold to the influential chinese General. 

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