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TitleShanghai Municipal Council building
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
LocationShanghai IS
DateOctober 1921
Estimated date1922
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(3) Shanghai Municipal Council building completed 1922. This building houses the offices of the Public Works Department, the Health Department, the electricity and other departments of the Shanghai Municipal Council. There are tzo automatice plants in this building installed October 1921. One of the Rotary line switch type with 100 lines installed and power plant for an ultimate of 400 is for the use of all departments with the exception of the electricity department. The electricity department is provided zwith a Keith type unit and this unit is joined through underground cables to similar eauipment at Fearon road and Riverside power houses. The three exchanges are on a 4 digit basis and are for the exclusive use of the electricity department and have no connection with any other private or commercial telephone system. 

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Country: China

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