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TitleStoring beans at a trade center on the Yalu river
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
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Group : Marketing

Country: China

Submitted by: J.J. Ehrhardt T.C. 

Date: 7-13-31

Title: Storing beans at trade center on Yalu river

Beans are brought in from the country, either in carts or on pack animals & are delivered to the large grain dealers located in principal centers. These are usually wealthy Chinese merchants who buy the grain & immediately find another buyer in Antung, for future delivery. The grain is stored in containers made of ring as they become filled & top is covered with matting sewed on. Beans are usually left in containers until transportation becomes available on Yalu River & the merchants receive orders to ship. They are then put into sacks, each weighing 133-1/3 lbs., loaded on carts & transported to river front & there unloaded into junks in bulk. 

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