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TitleIn the early days of the Kalgan-Urga Line
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
Estimated date1930
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Group : Transportation

Country: China

Submitted by: H.S. Honigsberg


Title: In the early days of the Kalgan-Urga Line

When photographed this car had made 6 round trips to Urga, a distance of 628 one way, in addition to several short trips around Kalgan, and had a 100% record toits credit. No mechanical trouble had developed. The regular load carried on each trip consisted of: 

1000 catties of goods and baggage

10 passengers - average

8 cases of gasoline 

Total weight of about 2500 catties or roughly 3300 lbs. 

No road of any description was available, just cross cuntry driving over ancient caravan trails. 

Picture furnished through courtesy H.S. Honigsberg, formerly agent for the Buick car). 

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