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Image ID33135
TitlePrisoners wearing cangue
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
Estimated date1865-1870
PhotographerMa Yingbiao 馬應彪
Caption in album or on mountCriminals wearing cangue, a kind of pillory
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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of image
Source Format & ResolutionPNG 150dpi
Note(s)This photograph comes from the Drew Collection, but the author is probably not Drew. Edward Bangs Drew (1843-1924), commissioner of customs in the Chinese Maritime Customs Service.
Drew was an 1863 Harvard graduate, who served in the Customs from 1865-1908 (and who also nominated  Harvard's first instructor in Chinese (Ko K'un-hua)).  Drew joined the Chinese Maritime Customs Service in 1864 after earning his BA degree from Harvard.  In 1868, Drew was appointed a Commissioner of the Service, a position he held for decades. During that time he collected photographs that document clothing, customs, and daily life in 19th century China, as well as Drew’s life and career, including family and social gatherings, public appearances, and events and ceremonies.

The Harvard-Yenching Library holds the papers and 225 photographs of E.B. Drew (1843-1924). The photographs can be accessed on harvard University Library's Visual Information Access online catalogue using Drew and China as search terms.

Keyword(s) [en]prisoner ; crime ; criminal ; clothing ; cangue ; punishment
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