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Image ID25068
TitleSaint Luke's Hospital - 同仁醫院
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
LocationShanghai IS
Estimated date1900-1912
PhotographerAkasawa Fine Art Co.
Caption on original imageNo. 41. St. Luke's Hospital, Shanghai
Image typeTinted photograph
Material form
of image
Private RepositoryEric Politzer
Note(s)St. Luke's Hospital, at the corner of Seward (Changzhilu 長治路) and Boone Roads (Tanggulu 塘沽路) in Hongkou. The third side of the building is on Nanzing Road (Nanxunlu 南潯路). The hospital was established in 1866 by the American Episcopal Mission in Hongkou on the corner of Broadway and Boone Roads. It was known as the "Hongkou Hospital" although it was renamed St. Luke's Hospital the following year. This name was officialized only in 1880. The postcard was produced by Akasawa Fine Art Co., Minami ōtamachi, Yokohama, probably c.1910.

2006 photograph by by E. Politzer"

美国圣公会在虹口蓬路百老汇路(今塘沽路大名路)创办同仁医局。同治六年十二月改称同仁医馆,居民呼为“虹口医院”。光绪六年十一月(1880年12月)正式定名同仁医院(St.LukesHospital),文恒理(Henry William Boone)为首任院长。
Keyword(s) [en]building ; hospital ; terrace ; flag ; rickshaw ; peddler ; pedestrian ; lamp
Street nameBoone
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