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TitleChinese New Year, Foochow Road, Shanghai, February 1902
CollectionOther collections
DateSaturday 8 February 1902
PhotographerCharles Ewart Darwent
Caption in album or on mount

On Foochow Road China New Year Day 1902

Image typeBlack and white photograph
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University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China reference number: Da01-15.  Chinese New Year's Day in 1902 was on February 8th.  Foochow Road (Fuzhou Lu).  From an album inscribed to Herbert Wilcockson from C. E. Darwent. The Revd. C.E. Darwent, Minister of the Union Church, was also a photographer and author of a photographer-friendly guidebook to Shanghai:'Shanghai: a handbook for travellers and residents to the chief objects of interest in and around the foreign settlement and native city' (1904).

Keyword(s) [en]Darwent ; festival ; holiday ; woman ; child ; family ; costume ; clothing ; street
Street nameFoochow
HPC referenceDa01-15
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3967/5802 results        
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