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TitleGate of St.John's University
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
Estimated date1900-1930
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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Note(s)St. John's University, founded by Samuel Isaac Joseph Scherschewsky (elected Bishop of Shanghai n 1877 and head of American Episcopal Mission), was originally designed and opened as a secondary school in 1879. Gradually, more college courses were added. In 1905, it gained university status and was allowed to confer BA degrees. It then started to expand the number of registered students and set up various colleges, including a medical school, an arts and sciences school, a civil engineering school and a seminary. A middle school and a graduate school were also attached to it. The university also boasts of having constructed the first library in Shanghai, with a collection of 43,000 books in 1936. It was closed in 1952.
Keyword(s) [en]settlement ; building ; school ; education ; university ; religion
Street nameJessfield
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