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TitleGeneral view of the Bund - 1873
CollectionVirtual Shanghai
LocationShanghai IS
Caption in album or on mountVue générale de Changhai (1876)
Image typeBlack and white photograph
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Note(s)This picture needs to be redated. Our dating is made on the basis of the Fogg building, still visible, pulled down in 1873 (see Politzer, 2005). The picture cannot be later than 1873. The Turner building is still visible and has not yet been replaced by Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank (1875 according to Politzer, 1877 according to Denison). The Heard buildings are still visible (pulled down in Spring 1877 according to Politzer). The building on the location of the Central Hotel is still the original Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank building, with only two storeys. The Central Hotel, opened in Nov. 1875, had three storeys. This picture should be dated 1873.
Keyword(s) [en]river ; Bund ; boat ; ship ; building
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